Punk rocker



the Grannies



this week sold a smashed-up Fender Mustang guitar that once belonged to grunge icon

Kurt Cobain

to an unnamed collector for $100,000.


Helen Hall

told the Associated Press that the guitar, which Cobain adorned with his signature after putting it back together with duct tape, is the second-highest known price for a piece of Cobainabilia. (Cobain's Mosrite Gospel Mark IV guitar sold for $131,000 at a 2006 auction.)

Sluggo says Cobain smashed the instrument on stage at a concert in New Jersey during


's first U.S. tour. Cobain, who was staying at Sluggo's apartment, swapped the broken ax for one of Sluggo's working guitars.

Drug lord's Elvis fetish

Roberto Escobar

writes in his new memoir,

The Accountant's Story

, which is excerpted in the New York Post, that his brother, infamous drug lord

Pablo Escobar

, was an



Roberto says his bro bought every one of the King's records (which he apparently kept with him during a stretch in prison), and even made a pilgrimage to Graceland in Nashville.

Roberto says Pablo was fond of imitating the rock pioneer, declaring to all, "Look at me, Colombian Elvis!"

So, does this humanize Pablo, or make him seem even more creepy?

A bombshell from Lohan

Gossipers received a rad Christmas present this week from

Lindsay Lohan

, 22, in the shape of a MySpace blog entry on Wednesday in which LiLo shares a dark family secret - the actress has a half-sister: "My father [

Michael Lohan

] just let my family and i know, amongst others that he had another child after my little sister


, or maybe he had it before Aliana?? either way, he cheated on my mother and that really [stinks]."

This isn't the first we've heard that LiLo may have a half-sister. OK! mag published a report in June about a woman who claimed her 13-year-old daughter was Michael's love child.

Fey in fake feud?

Say it ain't so! The scholars at gossip think tank Gawker.com say a publicized feud between

Tina Fey

(Upper Darby's gift to the world) and her

30 Rock


Alec Baldwin

was manufactured in a cynical bid to increase ratings for the NBC show. Star mag says Alec mocked Tina during a recent photo shoot, telling the photog, "get ready to do a lot of airbrushing." Tina, who recently had a therapy session with the media about the source of the sexy scar on her face, retorted, "Something wrong with my face?"

Then, Alec attacked Tina's entire corporeal being, thus calling into question her womanhood. Star's anon source said Tina "shot back that this was coming from a guy with a double chin who thinks

Sarah Palin

is hot."

Hume out, Baier in

Fox News Channel says its chief White House correspondent,

Bret Baier

, will replace its beloved star desk jockey

Brit Hume

as anchor of its weeknight 6 p.m. newscast starting Jan. 5. (Hume is cutting back to part time.)

Baier, who has filled in for Hume in the past, said he plans "on continuing to maintain the prestige of the program in every way I know how."

'Sawtelle' sequel on the horizon

Expect a second


novel from

David Wroblewski

, whose debut tome,

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

, received a gigantic sales boost when


picked it this fall for her book club. (It's No. 19 on the best seller list this week.)

USAToday.com says Wroblewski, 49, has signed with Ecco for the second of his planned trilogy about the Sawtelle family and its dogs.

The novelist says he looks upon the trilogy as "a triptych. I think of these stories as somewhat loosely coupled but intersecting." He said the second book will focus on family patriarch John Sawtelle.

Wroblewski, who took 10 years to finish the first book, did not set a publication date for No. 2.

Bjork to save Iceland's economy?

Iceland's foremost cute, kooky, oddball genius singer-songwriter-actress-babe,


, has reinvented herself as a venture capitalist.

The New York Times says the warbler, who made a splash in filmmaker

Lars von Trier

's 2000 musical

Dancer in the Dark

, has teamed up with a venture capital firm in Reykjavik to set up a fund with an initial investment of $816,330. Audur Capital, which plans to raise more money for the fund, said Bjork "will invest in sustainable businesses that create value through leveraging Iceland's unique resources, spectacular nature, vibrant culture and green energy."

Bjork says her ultimate goal is to help jump-start Iceland's ailing economy.