There aren't many light verse practitioners left in America. Like typewriter repairmen and polka-playing TV hosts, they are hard to find.

- New York Times, Dec. 17

Oh, woe, alas, and a dose of


Light verse is having a heart


What happened to rhyme, what

happened to rhymesters?

They're not worth a dime, not

even in dimestores.

Times may be trouble but times

could be worse,

Could that be a reason for not

making verse?

It's now that we need the

gossamer finger,

Doggerel, sonnet, Homeric singer,

Badinage, la-de-dage, banter

and jest

Away, loathed Melancholy,

give it a rest.

Blithe spirits, hail, and smitest thy


Ignite and relight your poetic


Unheard melodies may be sweet,

and fitter

On Grecian urns, but not on


Practitioners practice! Let verses

be lighter.

Forget the computer. Just use

your typewriter.