Mummers and Mummer enthusiasts get to sleep in this year. Instead of the traditional 8 a.m. parade start, the Comics will step off at 10 a.m. Thursday. To bring the parade to a close after about 6 1/2 hours, other changes are planned. That means fewer performance stops along the way and a shortened march for some divisions.

Here's the line of march, with approximate start times for each division.


Step off at 10 a.m., Broad and Washington.

1. Goodtimers

2. Murray

3. Landi

4. Wenches

Fancy Division

Step off at 10:30 a.m. at Broad and Morris.

1. Golden Sunrise

2. Hog Island

3. Oregon

4. Adelphia

String Bands

Step off at 10:30 a.m. at Broad and Shunk.

1. Aqua (14)*

Aqua's Outlawed: Aqua presents the story of the outlaws of the Wild West complete with gunslingers, desperados and bandits. Ghost Riders also make an appearance. American West folk songs are featured mixed with fictional themes and contemporary classics. Captain Ron Iannacone.

2. Irish American (16)

Mums At Work: Irish-American pays tribute to all hardworking blue-collar tradesmen. Captain Kelly Marie Mahon (the only female String Band Captain) is the foreman dancing her way around the construction site. Costumes reflect various blue-collar trades.

3. Peter A. Broomall (18)

Broomall Salutes the Troops: Broomall salutes those who have served in all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Presentation features a USO show with General (and team captain) Pete Broomall as the band leader. Finale includes the armed forces theme songs, military flags and our national colors.

4. Greater Overbrook (11)

POLAR-ized: A polar ice cap fantasy. Artic explorers, trappers and Eskimos ride sleighs pulled by polar bears. Jack Frosts and even penguins are part of this musical winter wonderland. Captain Perry DiMatteo is Nanook of the North.

5. Original Trilby (17)

Trilby's Rockin' Through the '50s: Back to the days of sock hops, malt shoppes and drive-ins. The setting is a 50's street scene at Trilby's Diner and Joe's Garage with dancing greasers, waitresses and pink ladies. Classic fifties tunes. Trilby, founded in 1901, is the oldest string band. Captain Joseph R. Kaminski.

6. Durning (13)

Saturday FRIGHT Fever: The Durning String Band is known for its unique, off-the-wall concepts, and this one is no exception as disco remains alive with a haunted '70s theme. Captain Jerry LaRosa Jr. wears Tony Manaro-esque vampire garb.

7. Uptown (8)

A Whale of a Tale!: The Uptown crew shoves off and heads for the high seas in search of the catch of the day. These ruddy commercial fishermen have fun hooking the big one. Seafaring melodies abound. Watch for the enchanting but scruffy mermaids serenading the sailors from the waves. Captain Jamie Caldwell.

8. Woodland(7)

Egypt: Woodland takes you on an exciting desert journey through the sands of ancient Egypt. Pyramids, brilliant temples and a sphinx provide the setting. Mummies and hieroglyphics come to life. Captain Tom "Shaggy" Robinson portrays King Tut.

9. Duffy (12)

Batteries Not Included: The toy shop comes to life with marching soldiers, cowboys, marionettes, teddy bears, jesters, Raggedy Ann and Andy and even G.I. Joe. They all take a ride on the carousal to Toyland. Song selections reflect each set of toys. Captain Ted Kudrick is the Master Toymaker.

10. Hegeman (9)

Orchestrated Oddballs: Known for their crowd-pleasing themes, Hegeman's normal sensational symphony of musical players have been reincarnated into wacky and weird instruments. No rhythm and rhyme to this musical madness. Captain John Baron leads the orchestrated oddballs as Dr. Phil Harmonic.

11. Joseph A. Ferko (4)

Krewe of Ferko: A perennial favorite, Ferko's band of parading jesters presents the sights and sounds of the time-honored experience, tradition and uplifting music of the Mardi Gras celebration. Dixieland, Jazz, Swing and Zydeco are featured. Anthony Celenza in his first year as Captain is King Rex on a 22-foot-long alligator.

12. Avalon (5)

"Tradition!": Celebrate the rich traditions, vibrant sounds and lively customs of the Jewish heritage. From the fiddler's peasant roof to the magnificent opulence of the Jewish synagogues, Avalon shares in the hora's circle and rejoices in the ceremony and tradition of the Jewish faith and folk tunes. Captain Jack Hee is Tevya.

13. Polish American (6)

Out of this World: Polish-American takes you to a galaxy far, far away. Martian attack men disembark their space ship on a planet colonized by numerous and colorful species of musical aliens. The dynamic song selections and extraterrestrial characters are PA's interpretation of familiar motion pictures and TV science fiction. Captain Mark Danielewicz.

14. Quaker City (2)

Back in the Hay: A trip down on the farm with a festive group of scarecrows. Quaker's hay-filled ragamuffins play, dance and impersonate animals culminating in a good old-fashioned hoe down. Barnyard musical favorites. Captain Charlie Roetz replaces retired Hall of Fame Captain Bob Shannon. Last year, this band won the "Viewers Choice" award based on online voting, sponsored by Channel 17.

15. Greater Kensington (10)

A Pirate's Life For Me: A tale of a band of carefree seafaring pirates on a quest for fame and fortune. Greater Kensington takes you from port to sea and back again. The buccaneer soundtrack was inspired by traditional shanties, sea songs and Hollywood scores. Captain Scott Moyer.

16. South Philadelphia (3)

The Knight Is Ours: A musical, magical fairy tale of the Warrior Knights of Camelot who encounter many obstacles on their journey home. The sounds of the music transport you to a mystical world encountering many enchanted creatures along the way. Captain Denny Palandro is Camelot's King. South Philadelphia is renowned for its elaborate props.

17. Fralinger Band (1)

Your Wish Is Our Command: The 2008 first prize Captain Bill Bowen leads Fralinger's drifters on a whimsical journey by caravan and magical carpet to the desert, bazaar and the Sultan's palatial residence. The melodies played sing to the constant but ever-changing wind and sand. Fralinger is vying for an unprecedented seven consecutive first prizes.

18. Pennsport (15)

Celebration of Faith: Southern revival theme with the choir singing from the church balcony. Costumed southern gentlemen and belles playing heavenly music. Pennsport String Band made its debut on Broad Street last New Year's Day. President Rob Simiriglio.

Fancy Brigade Division

1:30 p.m. at Broad and Oregon.

1. Saturnalian

2. Cahills

3. 2nd Street Shooters

4. Satin Slippers

5. Bill McIntyre's Shooting Stars

6. Jokers

7. South Philly Vikings

8. Clevermore

9. Avenuers

10. Downtowners

11. Golden Crown

*Number in parenthesis indicates string band's finish last year.