MYSPACE, YouTube, FaceBook. Celebrity status is so DIY these days.

Blogging is another self-built road to fame and, occasionally, fortune. Just ask Mario Lavandiera, aka celeb gossip blogger Perez Hilton. As they did last year,'s editorial staff has created a Top 100 Blog list for 2008. We don't have room to run them all, but thought we'd share some of the entertainment-oriented picks, along with PCMag staff commentary. For the full list, go to

AMC Blogs Think of this site as several blogs all mashed together, for that's what it is. All have the AMC network in common. Of primary interest: the Future of Classic blog with posts about great old flicks, many of which are running on the AMC network. (2nd place on the list)

The Beat This blog, owned by Publishers Weekly and run by former DC Comics editor Heidi MacDonald, is the inside-baseball blog for the comics industry, covering book sales, upcoming projects, rumors and, on occasion, MacDonald's own fangirl obsessions. (6)

By Ken Levine If you love TV and comedy, then Levine's blog is a must read. He's been nominated for Emmys for writing and producing "M*A*S*H," "Cheers" and "Frasier." His commentary on the past and present of entertainment, not to mention life, is always laugh-out-loud funny. (14)

The Comics Curmudgeon It's been a long time since most us have cracked open the comics section of our favorite morning newspaper. "Marmaduke" and "The Family Circus" are about as funny as the obituary column. Fortunately, Josh Fruhlinger reads them all, so we don't have to, and reports his findings with all the snark that's fit to print. (16)

Drawn! The vast majority of blogs out there don't pay much mind to aesthetics. Drawn!, on the other hand, is the sort of site you just can't take your eyes off. The blog brings together the best art from the worlds of cartooning and illustration, and the results are downright stunning. (26)

Garfield Minus Garfield What's America's favorite syndicated strip about an obese cat like without said rotund feline? This John Davis-approved blog answers the question every day, and the results are surreally existential. (35)

io9 You think you know science fiction? Puh-leeze, the team at this Gawker blog have forgotten more about the Kessel Run, the final Cylon and the Great Bird of the Galaxy than you'll ever know. The focus tends to be movies and TV, but they don't turn their noses up at books, comics or Internet-based tales of other worlds. (43)

Jezebel This massively popular site was born as a spinoff of Gawker aimed specifically at female readers. Named for a queen of ancient Israel, Jezebel takes on celebrities, politics and sex with the unique brand of snark we've come to known and love from the Gawker team. (44)

Living Oprah As we're all surely well aware, Oprah Winfrey is never hesitant to advise her loyal army of viewers. But how accurate are her suggestions, really? Chicago-based writer Robyn Okran has taken it upon herself to live a year of her life following the talk show host's advice, while documenting it (hilariously) day after day. (47)

My Old Kentucky Home Dig the indie rock? My Old Kentucky Home has you covered, with plenty of MP3s and music videos for your sampling pleasure. If names like the Mountain Goats and Okkervil River make you swoon, you've found yourself a second home. (52)

Neil Gaiman's Journal Gaiman is as close to a rock star as the geek set gets. He's written legendary comics, best-selling books for kids and adults, hit movies and even album liner notes. His direct connection with fans is his blog, wherein he shares thoughts on his world travels, friendships with the stars, his dog Cabal, his beekeeping hobby - and how little time he has to write. (53)

The New Adventures of Mr. Stephen Fry Smartphones? USB Gadgets? Twitter? Fry is one of us! The Oscar Wilde– worshipping British comedian explores the heights of geekdom with the sort of wit we've come to expect from the much-loved humorist. (54)

PopWatch Blog Who else but Entertainment Weekly would have such an eclectic blog? A single day in December covered books, "American Idol," music rip-offs, Oprah's chances of getting a cabinet position and a quote from Charles Dickens. (65)

The Rest Is Noise Got no love for rock-'n'-roll? Can't stand hip-hop? Run by music critic Alex Ross of The New Yorker, Noise takes a decidedly classic approach to music blogging. (67)

The Rossitano Report If you are a fan of NBC's "30 Rock," you're no doubt well acquainted with the extensive collection of comedic trucker hats worn by Frank Rossitano (Judah Friedlander). Launched during the writers strike, the Report is the default resource for the latest in the character's ironic headwear. (69)

/Film Are you the type that salivates over teaser trailers and leaked movie stills? If so, /Film's large team of contributors has you covered for the latest film news. (77)

TVgasm You surf the Web and enjoy TV, but you still don't have enough snark in your life? TVgasm provides. Its lengthy blow-by-blow recaps of shows like "House," "Grey's Anatomy," "The Hills" and "90210," to name just a few, don't spare the sarcasm when a show decides to suck, as shows so frequently do. (Here's looking at you, "Heroes.") (86)

Videogum This spinoff of the ultra-popular indie-music blog Stereogum (one of's Top Blogs last year) covers exclusively the ever-expanding world of Web video. From comedy sketches to movie trailers to webisodes, there's no better way to waste an entire afternoon. (89)

Why, That's Delightful! In the U.K., Graham Linehan is regarded as one of the great television comedy writers, thanks in no small part to his role penning shows like "Father Ted" and the über-nerdy "I.T. Crowd." Linehan's blog is equally hilarious, exploring his life as a television writer and anything else he sees fit to post. (94) *