Q: My girlfriend, Linda, has this old friend, Ryan, who visits now and then. Ryan is gay. I've never had a problem with gay folks, but this guy can't seem to get through a conversation without some tale of his exploits with men - and he shares a lot more than I want to hear from anybody, gay or straight. The thing is that Linda and he go way back. Should I tell her how much he bugs me or just let it ride and make myself scarce when he comes to visit? Or am I a closet homophobe who needs re-education?

Steve: Guys who brag about their conquests, gay or straight, are boors. Classy guys never kiss and tell. Tell Linda this guy's sex talk needs to stop if she wants you to hang out when he's visiting. My guess is she'll tell him to cool it.

Mia: No way, Steve. You're way off. The letter- writer needs to man up and talk with Ryan himself. Why hide behind the girlfriend? He needs to let Ryan know how he feels.

Q: I'm a 27-year-old single father with two children. I was recently in a relationship with the mother of my youngest daughter, and I was very happy with her. I love her with all my heart. However, I am now in jail, and she left me to move on with her life. Would I be a fool for trying to fix our relationship when I get out? She's had sex with a guy I know while I've been in here. I'm really lost and confused.

Mia: No harm in trying. But don't be surprised if she's not interested. Remember, you've been locked up. That's not an easy thing for many women to accept.

Steve: Even if she says no, you should still stay in your daughter's life and help provide for her. Get as much support as you can once you're out to make sure you stay out. Good luck. *