Heidi Montag Pratt

yesterday was rushed to a hospital in Costa Rica where she and her husband,

Spencer Pratt

, are shooting the bug-eating, C-List celeb reality TV fodder,

I'm a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here


Spencer reportedly accompanied her in the ambulance. The news comes via a tweet from Heidi's sis, Stephanie, who blames Heidi's unknown illness on hardships she has had to endure on the show: "[Heidi was] rushed to the hospital and has an IV in her arm after being locked in a dark room for 3 days w no food or water. Pls pray she will be ok."

We wish Heidi a swift recovery . . . if she's really sick: Last week, she and Spencer incurred much divine wrath for faking an early departure from the show.

Thus their punishment: NBC exec Paul Telegdy last week said Speidi was "insincere, lazy, entitled" and said they would have to suffer in isolation before their fate would be decided on today's episode.

Will the show go on? Oh, let's hope.

FBI asked to probe Carradine death

David Carradine

's family has asked the FBI to look into the death of the

Kung Fu

star, whose naked body was found Thursday in his Bangkok hotel room.

People mag reports that the feds offered to help Thai authorities after meeting with the actor's half brother Keith Carradine. Thai police have yet to respond.

Keith, 59, "wants authorities to investigate his brother's death, and to determine if anyone else was involved" in the death, celeb attorney Mark Geragos said. "It's hard to start the grieving process when you don't have all the information on what happened."

An autopsy was conducted Friday before the actor's body was shipped home by the American Embassy. Sources say his family may request its own autopsy.

Keeping the photos under wraps

Meanwhile, USAToday.com says the Carradines have threatened to sue anyone who reprints images of David's body after a Bangkok tabloid ran a photo of what it claimed was the actor's death scene.

Brooke Shields vanquishes tab

People.com reports that the National Enquirer has reached a settlement with

Brooke Shields

, who threatened to sue the paper after a reporter allegedly checked her mother out of a New Jersey nursing home last month for a story. As a result of the incident, the model-actress had to acknowledge that her mother, Teri Shields, 75, suffers from dementia. Brooke's attorney, Gerald B. Lefcourt, tells People.com that the tab has agreed not to publish its story. He said the tab also has agreed to make a "generous donation to further research on dementia."

'Land' is lost, all right

It's a flop, says the Los Angeles Times. A "disaster," says E!Online. That would be

Will Ferrell's


Land of the Lost

, which opened this weekend at just $19.5 mil, making it the No. 3 flick on the box office charts.


, from Disney/Pixar, keeps its place atop the pile, making $44.2 mil according to studio estimates. That brings its 10-day earnings up to is $137.2 mil. The bachelor-party comedy


finished second with $43.3 mil.

Kris Allen, corporate lackey

Sure, some stars are corporate whores. But none beats

Kris Allen

: On Friday, the

American Idol

winner gave Wal-Mart investors a private show at the retailer's annual corporate meeting in Arkansas. Could anything be more demeaning?