AFTER ALL THE booze, babes and bad behavior, something finally got the best of Poison's Bret Michaels.


Forgetting that, unlike rock concerts, the theater runs on time, Michaels took too long acknowledging the crowd at the Tony Awards Sunday night and got conked on the head as he tried to limbo offstage under a scenery piece descending on cue whether he was in the way or not.

Host Neil Patrick Harris later quipped it gave new meaning to "headbanging."

Publicist Joann Mignano said that Michaels broke his nose and needed three stitches in his lip. She said that he was getting a CAT scan yesterday as a precaution (just as Tattle's mom got one at lovely Lancaster General Hospital Saturday night after conkin' her noggin).

This will likely be another chance to paraphrase the old Yogi Berra joke: "Doctors took a CAT scan of Bret Michaels' brain yesterday and found nothing."

* In Tony-related news, host Harris, who should be named emcee for life after his fine job Sunday night, has signed on to two movies.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Harris will star in "The Best and the Brightest" and have a supporting role in "Beastly."

Directed by Josh Shelov, "Best," which is now shooting in Philadelphia, is about a Delaware couple who move to NYC and get wrapped up in the crazy class system of Manhattan's private kindergartens.

In "Beastly," Harris is playing a blind tutor who helps a hideous teen (Alex Pettyfer). Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen also star in that one, and what's the bet that one of them falls in love with the guy.

* We're not sure who Anne Hathaway knows at Stub Hub but after sitting front-row center at the Oscars and performing with Hugh Jackman, she was front and center at the Tonys and got a lot of screen time when one of the stars of "Hair" jumped into her lap.

After performing Shakespeare in the Park this summer in New York, Anne is likely to re-team with her "Brokeback Mountain" hubby Jake Gyllenhaal in Ed Zwick's "Love and Other Drugs."

Hopefully this romance will work out better.

The Hollywood Reporter says that "Drugs" comes from former Pfizer sales rep Jamie Reidy's book "Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman."

Jake will play the salesman, who begins a relationship with Anne, whom he meets on a sales call.

Gyllenhaal has been warned that should his performance last more than four hours he should seek medical attention.

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* It shouldn't come as a much of a surprise, but the new "American Idol" has a record deal. reports that Kris Allen has signed with 19 Recordings/Jive Records. His debut album is slated for fall.

* One thing that Jive should be happy about regarding Allen:

He's not Pete Doherty.

The British druggie rocker was fined by Swiss police for heroin use on a flight from London, a police spokesman said yesterday.

Geneva Convention? Try Geneva Detention.

Doherty was picked up by officers after his flight landed Friday, was held for two hours, paid a fine and was released.

What made police suspect Pete? Swiss newspaper Le Matin reported that he was discovered by a flight attendant collapsed in a toilet, near a used syringe.

* Thai police said yesterday that they would welcome FBI assistance in investigating the death of David Carradine, but only as observers.

What? They're different.

Tattle, for instance, could observe a goal in the Stanley Cup Finals without assisting on it.

* Football is not only king in Alabama, it's Shakespeare.

Officials with the Alabama Shakespeare Festival said yesterday that they will stage "Bear Country," a play about legendary Crimson Tide football coach Paul "Bear" Bryant, from Aug. 6-20 at the Virginia Samford Theatre near where a statue of Bryant stands outside the main entrance of Legion Field.

Written by ASF's Michael Vigilant, the play has been a bright spot for ASF, which has struggled to fill seats during the recession. And to add a little nostalgia, the performances are being sponsored by Coca-Cola and Golden Flake, which also sponsored Bryant's popular Sunday afternoon TV shows.

Rodney Clark will play the adult Bryant. Clark said that the atmosphere during the play's run in Montgomery often resembled a football Saturday outside a stadium rather than a theater.

"We had people tailgating," Clark said. "For a theater to have people tailgating, that's a dream."

"At ASF, one of our missions is to tell Southern stories," Vigilant said. "We want to bring this story to more people because we were pleased with the response."

Unfortunately, Shakespeare himself didn't write many Southern plays. Maybe "Y'all's Well That Ends Well." *

Daily News wire services contributed to this report.

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