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Suchet back on the case for 'Mystery'

You can have your Mentalist, your Lie to Me, and your Criminal Minds - when it comes to suave sleuthing, Hercule Poirot has them beat.

You can have your


, your

Lie to Me

, and your

Criminal Minds

- when it comes to suave sleuthing, Hercule Poirot has them beat.

The good news is that David Suchet, who played the role of the natty little Belgian for 20 years, will be back on PBS's Masterpiece Mystery! June 21 for two new episodes. Suchet's ambition is to finish all of Agatha Christie's Poirot mysteries on television. So far, he's done 62 and has, he thinks, 10 more to go. The DVD of these two adventures will land in stores on July 7.

Return of the actress. Finola Hughes, who hosts the Style Network's How Do I Look? will return to acting on the Lifetime Movie Channel this summer in a couple of Crime of Fashion mysteries, premiering June 21.

Though Hughes makes a tactful and gracious hostess on How Do I Look?, she actually started as a dancer before she ever was an actress.

"In dancing, you do get better by trying hard. But oftentimes in acting, you don't get better by trying hard. You actually get better by being more receptive, and you still need energy, but it's a different kind of energy.

"There is an amount of humanity that in dancing you put on hold because you have to be an athlete as well. Whereas in acting, you do tune the instrument as an actor, but then you also have to be more of a sponge."

Disc debut. The eccentric thriller Nobel Son arrives on DVD this week, with a gaggle of stars including Alan Rickman, Eliza Dushku, and Bill Pullman. Dushku, who's starring in Fox's Dollhouse, says she's never fearful about her work or people's reaction to it.

"Really, in the day, what's the worst that can happen? People write bad things about you? Big deal. For every hater, I feel I have so much support. I truly focus on the love and the support and the enthusiasm of the fans and the people that love me. It's too toxic, it's just a waste of time to focus on the negative.

"Critics are critical. I figured that out."