TOO BAD "TAKEN" was released a few weeks ago - Liam Neeson's avenging-dad movie would have been the perfect Father's Day DVD.

Not much for the old man this week, unless he likes to watch college kids eviscerated by a guy in a hockey mask. The recent remake of "Friday the 13th" arrives this week - $29 buys you either the theatrical version or the "Killer Cut Extended Edition." Good to know, if you are both depraved and frugal.

The other big title this week is "Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail," also $29. More family comedy from Perry, but there's something about a guy in a dress that runs counter to the spirit of Father's Day.

For dad's of a certain age, there's a new version of the excellent 1954 Frank Sinatra thriller "Suddenly," featuring Ol' Blue Eyes as a creepy assassin. The new $9.99 is colorized, that's the bad news. The good news, the restored black-and-white version is part of the package. *