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Tattle: 'Bachelor'-shunned Melissa Rycroft lands 'GMA'gig

THE COLDEST winter we ever spent was a summer in . . . Philadelphia? Sure is looking that way, and we feel lower than an overcast sky.

THE COLDEST winter we ever spent was a summer in . . . Philadelphia? Sure is looking that way, and we feel lower than an overcast sky.

Here's a little mood brightener: Melissa Rycroft - humiliated by "The Bachelor," then raised up by a sympathetic public and now by ABC, which has given her an eight-gig stint as a "Good Morning America" contributor, starting next week, a spokeswoman said.

Fun and lighthearted is her mission. And although she'll travel for the show, we suspect it won't be to Iran. Rycroft, 26, a sales rep from Dallas, was jilted by "Bachelor" Jason Mesnick but never looked back, heading next to "Dancing With the Stars," where she made it to the finals.

No, they didn't!

Two Ohio police chiefs are under investigation for allegedly burglarizing the home of the surrogate mom who's carrying Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's twins.

No charges had been filed yesterday against Martins Ferry Police Chief Barry Carpenter and Bridgeport Chief Chad DoJack. The woman's Martins Ferry home was burglarized in mid-May, and photos and other information were subsequently offered for sale to an unnamed tabloid. (Not ours, folks!)

Win Chesney tix

The full measure of country mega-star Kenny Chesney's mega-stardom can be seen in the venue where he'll play next Saturday - Philly's 67,594-seat Lincoln Financial Field. You and yours can occupy two of those seats for free if you win our Tattle concert-ticket giveaway.

Send an e-mail to with your name, address, a daytime phone number and the words "I want to see Kenny Chesney" in the subject line.

Deadline for entries is noon Monday; limit is one entry per person. The winner will be picked at random.

If you aren't the lucky winner, you can still get a little bit country at the free, pre-concert Corona Tailgate, with live music and Corona beer at the Linc's Interactive Zone from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Kenny may stop by, too.

Jon & Kate, divided by 2?

There's going to be a Big Announcement on a Very Special Episode of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" at 9 p.m. Monday on TLC.

Can you spell D-I-V-O-R-C-E?

There's no need to recap the couple's well-documented bickering on their reality show this season. Kate Gosselin's somber voiceover in commercials airing yesterday wasn't optimistic.

"Recently we've made some life-changing decisions, decisions that will affect every member of our family, ones that we hope will bring each of us peace," she said.

Oddly, the commercial's background music seemed to mimmick the theme of "Friday Night Lights," the great NBC drama about football and small-town Texas life.

Could this mean Kate's leaving home to join the Lingerie Football League?

No cameras on Rihanna

She loves the spotlight, but R&B singer Rihanna's probably relieved that a Los Angeles judge has nixed cameras in the courtroom Monday when she's expected to testify at singer Chris Brown's preliminary hearing on charges that he assaulted her.

Brown faces two felony counts that could send him to jail for more than four years. He was arrested after an early-morning fight the couple had in Hollywood last February. *

Daily News wire services contributed to this report.

Howard Gensler has the day off.