It's funny when city slickers get stuck in the sticks, because people from urban centers are self-absorbed and eat sushi, and "real Americans" have an accent but don't speak French. Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant are perfectly cast as the haute-end couple making their way through the high grass of our low country - but these actors in this poster are the least sympathetic people on the planet. Hugh looks like a spoiled man-child who's wasting his trust fund on martinis and Vicodin; and SJP is flat-out frightening - as if the layers of makeup visibly plastered on her face are infused with liquid nitrogen (if she cracks a smile, she'll crack). These two could be knee-deep in a Somali landfill for all I care. Even the title is entitled. In the end, green acres will grow on these two, and they will realize their New York state of mind was the root of all their problems, but that's the same conservative POV that fuels the social rants masquerading as political commentary on Fox News. "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" is a Hollywood movie that pushes the right-wing stereotype of Blue States for laughs. And that's not right.