IF YOU'RE wondering what to get the man in your life this holiday, check out this week's new DVD releases.

This could be the greatest Guy Week in DVD history, with the Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" and "The Hangover," the smash comedy that now stands as the quintessential comedy of male debauchery in Vegas, not counting whatever cellphone video some cocktail waitress may choose to release of Tiger Woods.

"Basterds" comes as a $29 special edition with "making of" documentaries about Tarantino's movie and of "Nation's Pride," the film-within-in-a-film Nazi Propaganda that features in the incendiary finale. Another documentary references the properly spelled 1978 Italian version of "Inglorious Bastards." There are also deleted and extended scenes, although at 153 minutes, I don't know how much more extended the movie needed to be. More succinct, but no less funny, is "The Hangover," shipped as a $29 special edition that includes a gag reel, a music video, additional improv from some of the cast, and more "missing photos" - you may remember them from the closing credits.