A li'l weed was - once again! - found on a

Lil Wayne

tour bus. About 3 a.m. Friday, U.S. Border Patrol officers made a routine stop of LW's two buses, on their way to a concert in Laredo, Texas. But K-9 dog detectives sniffed some dank on


buses! Dank indeed was found, and LW and 12 of his entourage were detained. The concert had to be kicked to last night. LW and homies were released. But on Feb. 9, he'll be in NYC to be sentenced (possibly for up to a year) for illegal weapons possession stemming from a bus-related 2007 bust, and then there's controlled-substance badness over his head from several places. Bicycle, LW - hitchhike, pogo stick, space shuttle, do anything but get on that bus. . . . In further Lil Wayne news, Amazon.com mistakenly shipped out 500 copies of his much-delayed, much-anticipated album


, scheduled for a Feb. 1 release. Leaks are a tradition with LW albums, but this is a true Amazon mess-up.

'Avatar' rocks in 3-D

Not even The Storm of the Millennium (which is only nine years old, but still, c'mon, it was a pretty big storm) could keep

James Cameron



from rippin' up the national box office. Preliminary studio figures say the 3-D extravaganza piled up $73 million Friday to yesterday, below expectations, but not bad given the weather. All numbers were down by snow. Debuting high but weak was

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

, that

Sarah Jessica Parker


Hugh Grant

flick, in fourth place with 7 mils.

The Princess and the Frog hopped down into second with $12 mils, declining by almost half from its first week. The rest of the top 10: (3) The Blind Side, with $10 mils; (5) The Twilight Saga: New Moon, $4.7 mils; (6) Invictus, $4.14 mils; (7) A Christmas Carol (2009), $3.41 mils; (8) Up in the Air, $3.1 mils; (9) Brothers, $2.63 mils; and (10) Old Dogs, $2.29 mils.

We're gonna see a real duke-out next week. Avatar faces off against Sherlock Holmes, with Robert Downey Jr., Rachel McAdams, and Jude Law, and, ulp!, Nine, the star-infested musical with Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Fergie, Penélope Cruz, Nicole Kidman, and seemingly anyone else who asked. Worlds collide!

That snow Angell

Nothing says holiday season like

Roger Angell

's "Greetings, Friends!", his semitraditional end-of-year celebrity New Year's bye-hi. The 89-year-old excellent writer is in especially good form this year, with strange pairings and fun rhymin':

. . . season's joy sift slowly down

On Agyness Deyn and Tina Brown,

Jay-Z, Kobe, Simon Schama,

But first of all on Prez Obama . . .

Read more at http//go.philly.com/angell

Quick, quick, quick

Ivana Trump

said Friday that she's divorcing hub No. 4,

Tossano Rubicondi

. She cited busy schedules, too much time away from each other, those terrible things. Funny, ain't it?

Donald Trump

was hub 2, but Ivana still keeps his last name. . . .

Gisele Bündchen

, wife of football guy

Tom Brady

, gave birth to a baby boy Dec. 8. Only on Friday did Gisele slip (?) and, blogging a holiday hi, mention the babe's name:


. That's "son of the right hand" in Hebrew, fitting for the rightie QB. . . . Hearthrobber

Kevin Jonas,

22, married

Danielle Deleasa

in The Storm of the Millennium on Saturday in Long Island. May sunnier days lie ahead! . . . Everyone try real hard not to hear


lead mouth

Gene Simmons

, 60. He tells German paper Bild am Sonntag he's been with 4,600 women - and can prove it. How? He takes a pikkie of each one, puts it in a big album, and shows it to each successive sweetie. Romantic, huh? He says


, evidently a Kissee, was "shocked, but also happy because she knew that I would never lie to her." We still can't get out of our heads the bad taste of Gene's Feb. 4, 2002, big, dumb moment on WHYY's

Fresh Air

with host

Terry Gross

. Class beats crass every time. . . .

Leelee Sobieski


Joan of Arc


Public Enemies

) and fiancé

Adam Kimmel

welcomed a girl baby into their lives Tuesday. . . . Country singer

Carolyn Dawn Johnson

tells country blog the Boot she's expectin'. . . . Friday was the last for

Nancy O'Dell

on NBC's

Access Hollywood

after 13 years, 10 as cohost (she was a correspondent when it debuted). She's leaving with a couple of years left in her contract, reputedly because the show is getting too trashy. . . . Big-eyed

Amanda Seyfried

will be done with HBO's

Big Love

after this season, which begins Jan. 10. Her character will move away late in the season. Seyfried wants more time to do flicks. . . .