When you come to the Montgomery County seat, come hungry, because there's lots to eat here, including the town's signature overstuffed sandwich, the Zep. Follow longtime resident Michael Rotondo to some of his favorite haunts.

1. Via Veneto, where the spaghetti sauce is made from the recipe that two of the owners' mom brought from Sicily. 1803 Markley St.

2. Sessano Café and Deli, home of "the best roast pork sandwich around." 1840 Markley St.

3. August Moon Sushi Bar and Grill, if you're in the mood for some Japanese or Korean. 300 E. Main St.

4. Lou's Sandwich Shop, when a cheesesteak is calling your name.

414 E. Main St.

5. Taqueria La Michoacana serves good, authentic Mexican in an upscale setting. 301 E. Main St.

6. Buddy's has water ice that will make you wonder what you've been eating all these years. 514 E. Main St.

7. Eve's Lunch, for the infamous Norristown original sandwich known as the Zep. It starts out with a "Conshy" roll (for those of us not in the know, that would be a roll from a nearby Conshohocken Italian Bakery), then adds olive oil, oregano, provolone, cooked salami, raw onion and tomato. But never - let us repeat, never - lettuce. If it sounds like just another hoagie, stop by to check it out. 318 E. Johnson Highway.

- Darla Synnestvedt