Although the networks typically order pilots in January, starting with dramas, ABC is jumping the gun with two comedies.

The network has given the green light to "Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid," based on a book by Howard Morris and Jenny Lee, who wrote the script about a couple from failed marriages who are trying to get it right the second time.

ABC already green-lighted "Awkward Situations for Men," based on a book by British humorist Danny Wallace. It follows Wallace as he moves to the U.S. with his wife.

Mellow yellow

Fox is going yellow for the home stretch of its "Simpsons" 20th anniversary celebration.

For the week beginning Jan. 3, graphics across Fox properties will turn yellow in honor of Matt Groening's iconic characters. That means on-air graphics, Fox's Web sites, social network pages and special on-air promos - all in yellow, along with a range of other stunts (such as local Fox news anchors wearing yellow ties).

The play's the thing

"Slings & Arrows," a funny little Canadian series will see new life on Ovation TV starting Jan. 9. The show is about a theater company enduring a clueless leading man, a bitter leading lady and a scheming general manager. It enjoyed a brief showing in the U.S., but was not widely heralded.

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