Forget about the actors, just for a second, and check out the steel girders that frame the late 19th century London background. Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock Holmes embodies the modern age that created those rivets, and the conflict between the stodgy Victorian era and the freethinking 20th century is made human in the "Odd Couple" friendship between him and Jude Law. As always, Downey's the lovable rogue with a smarter-than-thou smirk. But Jude Law's Dr. Watson is no sidekick. His practiced scowl is full of attitude. He's a medical doctor with a wiry physicality - and a shin-smacking prop cane that (no doubt) houses a secret sword. Hollywood has tried to turn period adventure into a modern-style action movie before, as if a seat-of-the-pants roller-coaster ride is the only way to get ticket buyers into the theater. It is. But it hasn't worked yet. And we have to ask - should the cerebral Holmes be turned into Batman? I'm not sure. Our cool heroes will have to be hot as they kick butt, but the real success of "Sherlock Holmes" will be in how well the mystery unfolds.

It won't work for everyone. But for me, this dynamic duo looks like fun.