We're starting the New Year by jumping ahead a week, to "Leap Year," a straightforward poster featuring Amy Adams, an actress whose comedic ability seems limited to making her unremarkable face go blank at the same time her eyes go wide. (For me, Adams' success can be attributed to her last name starting with an "A," which puts it at the top of every casting list.) A woman waiting for Feb. 29 - the magical day once every four years when a woman can ask a man to marry her - that's a great idea for a high-concept romantic comedy. In 1952. In 2010, I have an issue with anyone so obsessed with being married that she falls back on this Lucy Ricardo-esque device. Let me tell you something, honey: If he hasn't asked by now, he probably

won't. And if you have to wait for this "special day," you're in love with love - not him. The nausea-inducing green background (the dress wasn't enough?) implies this all takes place in Ireland, where the Leap Year myth began, and where tax credits for filming are favorable to American studios. "Leap Year" is a star vehicle for Ms. Adams. Time will tell how bright she shines.