Move over wine and cheese. Beer and cheese are a match made in culinary heaven. "The carbonation in beer cuts through the richness of cheese," said Tria Fermentation School director Erin McLean. She offered these pairings for your next party:

_ Robust dark imperial stout with a cow's milk bleu, Stilton or a sweeter Gorgonzola.

_ Hoppy, citrusy India pale ale with aged farmhouse-style English or Vermont cheddar.

_ Fruity, sweeter lambic with a rich triple crème or Brie.

_ Malt-driven amber ale or German double bock with aged Gouda.

_ Crisp pilsner with tangy goat cheese or chèvre.

_ Belgian beer with an oozy, "stinky" ripe triple crème.

- Beth D'Addono