Actor Bruce Campbell is excited to be coming to his first Wizard World Philly convention this weekend.

"I have been to Philly many times for conventions, book tours and movie screenings," said Campbell, best known for portraying Ash in the "Evil Dead"/"Army of Darkness" movie franchise. "It's my kind of city - being from Detroit - in that it's old and has tons of history. Hell, it's the cradle of our democracy!"

Having done conventions since the '80s, he said it will feel normal to rub elbows with other stars like Patrick Stewart and he most of all looks forward to mingling with fans.

"It's fine by me," he said.

"I'm glad that there was something memorable about the 'Evil Dead' series. We worked our collective asses off on those films, and it's gratifying to see people pass them along to the next generation."

"I like that each of the 'Evil Dead' films are different," he added. "Part I is a melodrama, part II is 'splatstick,' a combo of horror and comedy, and part III is mostly action-adventure. I have no idea what a fourth one would be - maybe Ash in a wheelchair!"