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Here are a few choice Live Arts & Philly Fringe acts

Whether your preferences run to stark minimalist dance or gross-out zombie musicals, Live Arts & Philly Fringe offers something for every outre taste.

Whether your preferences run to stark minimalist dance or gross-out zombie musicals, Live Arts & Philly Fringe offers something for every outre taste.

But with well over 200 diverse performances scattered throughout the city, from the grandest halls to makeshift basement stages, navigating the festival can be as much of a sensory overload as some of its performances are meant to be.

Below are a few choice Daily News picks that are happening over the next seven days to get you started. (The festival runs through Sept. 18. We'll feature more events in next week's Big Fat Friday section.) Go to for details.

As you read, remember the point of the festival is to experiment and explore. Take these hints, then deviate from the path and see what you stumble into.

"Freedom Club": Live Arts mainstays New Paradise Laboratories and New York experimental theater company the Riot Group collaborate on a wild political satire that envisions a time-traveling John Wilkes Booth in an extremist future. 10 tonight and at various times through Sept. 11. Arts Bank at the University of the Arts, 601 S. Broad St., $25-$30.

"Chicken": Charlotte Ford's "expressionistic clown play" confines a trio of imbeciles inside a nuclear submarine, where each preys on the others' weaknesses in what promises to be deviously slapstick ways. 7 and 11 tonight; various times through Sept. 6. Live Arts Studio, 919 N. 56th St., $25-$30.

"Takes": The Nichole Canuso Dance Company fractures perspective in its new show, allowing audiences to surround and explore a cube of screens within and upon which two dancers perform and are projected. 7 tonight; various times through Sept. 18. Theater West at the Hub, southwest corner of 5th Street and Fairmount Avenue, $25-$30.

"Winnipeg Babysitter": Artist Daniel Barrow combines video and live performance to dive into the late '70s/early '80s "golden age" of Canadian public access television. 7 p.m. tomorrow. International House, 3701 Chestnut St., $8.

"Factory": Rev9 Dance and Theater Company combine dance, acrobatics, aerial work and multimedia elements in a 20-person recreation of Andy Warhol's legendary Factory and its colorful denizens. 4 and 8 p.m. tomorrow. Lantern Theater, 10th and Ludlow streets, $18.

"Between Trains": Gas & Electric Arts' new play is a surreal blend of Buddhism and "Alice in Wonderland" set in a mysterious train station. 7:30 tonight through Sunday; various times through Sept. 19. Bardo at the Becker Building, 1151 N. 3rd St., $25.

"Man of Mystery": Magician Fred Siegel offers a carny-sideshow personal history laced with magic tricks in Isaiah Zagar's mosaic-lined Magic Gardens. 8:30 tonight; 6:30 p.m. Sunday and Monday 1020 South St., $10.

"All Victorious Ocean": Playwright/performer Joanna Rotte adapts the story of 18th-century Tibetan Buddhist queen Yeshe Tsogyal from original sacred texts. 7:30 tonight; various times through Sept. 18. Painted Bride Art Center, 230 Vine St., $15.

- Shaun Brady