Someone needs to develop an app to count the number of times individual celebrities have gotten married. The tally for

Kelsey Grammer

, 55, of


fame, will be rising to four. His rep,

Stan Rosenfield

, says that the Emmy winner is engaged to British girlfriend

Kayte Walsh

, 29 (a 26-year difference for those who care). "They are engaged. They never really announced it, they are very happy and very much in love," Rosenfield told

Grammer and Wife Number Three, Camille Donatacci Grammer, 41, a star of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, filed for divorce in July and aren't officially un-wed yet. Because reality TV is all about, well, reality, the breakup of Grammers III will be part of the show.

On the Road-prah with Oprah

Let Down Under Oprah begin! - no, wait a minute, that doesn't sound right at all. We rephrase: Oprah Winfrey's last of about 25 talk-show seasons is moving briefly to Australia. On Tuesday, the first of 300 Oprah audience members selected to participate in her eight-day "Ultimate Australian Adventure" began landing in Sydney. Once everyone's there, O will be the Dame of Daytime herself. The precise itinerary is more hush-hush than an archive of American diplomatic memos, though authorities are restricting access to parts of the city and the harbor during the festivities. The lucky participants, between the ages of 18 and 75, were "the most excited people there are" on the flight from the United States, an Oprah crew member said. Winfrey herself will arrive soon on her private jet, which will fly through her private skies, gliding through her private clouds. Winfrey will film two episodes of her show at the Sydney Opera House, temporarily nicknamed the Oprah House. (There is no such wordplay to be done on names like, say, Carolyn or Tirdad.) All fine and good, Oprah, but the rest of us are waiting for our free SUVs.

His cupped hand runneth over

OK, OK, we'll mention it because the photo is all over the gossip-sphere and it's kind of hard to ignore. Yes, Angelina Jolie is in good hands with her love monkey, Brad Pitt. Call it what you will - her tushie, fanny, keister, derriere, or, our personal favorite, nether cheeks - it's in Pitt's hand. Us magazine has a photo of Pitt escorting Jolie at Monday's New York City premiere of her latest film, The Tourist. The actress' shape was emphasized by the clingy Atelier Versace gown she wore - and by Pitt's hand, cupped on his lady's rearward bonanza. The magazine even reports a squeeze occurred! Other notables walked the red carpet, including Tourist costar and intrinsically cool dude guy Johnny Depp and Tourist fellow costar, Paul Bettany, who is neither Brad Pitt nor Johnny Depp. But apparently photogs were most interested in The Hand and The Hindquarter.

Vocal about the local guys

They are the best in our book and, sigh, in our hearts, no matter what a darn television show says. Alumni members of the Cherry Hill High School West singers,

Men of Note

, were one of 10 a cappella groups who performed Monday night on the season premiere of the NBC series


. While judges

Ben Folds

(he of the

Ben Folds Five

and successful solo career),

Shawn Stockman


Boyz II Men

, and

Nicole Scherzinger

of the

Pussycat Dolls

had some words to say about the all-guy group's rendition of

Billy Joel

's "For the Longest Time," the favorite sons of Cherry Hill were nonetheless eliminated.

The other ensemble eliminated may have the best vocal-group name in the cosmos -

Pitch Slapped


Throw him to the Gleeks

E!Online asked this important question Tuesday: "Did Ed O'Neill just let a little Al Bundy creep back in?" O'Neill portrayed Bundy, a bloviating buffoon, on his prior show, Married . . . With Children. Now starring in Modern Family, O'Neill, who seems to specialize in portraying lugheads, said during a news conference Monday that Glee star Jane Lynch didn't deserve the Emmy she won for playing cheerleading coach and Glee club foe Sue Sylvester. "I love Jane, honestly I do . . . but I don't think she should have gotten the Emmy for that part," he said. Sue Sylvester, he said, "is just a one-note character." Those are fighting words to the Fox program's fans, called Gleeks, who of course do song-and-dance numbers while assailing their enemies. Who should have gotten it? Why - go figure - O'Neill says the Emmy should have gone to his Modern costar, Sofia Vergara!