"The Tourist" pairs Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp - two of our biggest movie stars - in an action thriller set in Venice.

We know there's action because they're in a speedboat; we know it's Venice because of the canal.

The star power (and sexual heat) of these two ensures a big opening weekend, it's what people want to see, and the international setting guarantees even more money around the world.

But this poster is confusing.

From the angle of Jolie's perfectly-threaded eyebrow (and everything we know about Angelina Jolie), she's the fatal femme who's laid the trap and ruined Depp's perfect trip.

So Depp's the tourist, but his "you've really pissed off Jack Sparrow now" expression (and $800 haircut) makes him look more dangerous, more cold-blooded, than she is.

It's a flaw in flawless casting, as Depp may be the only man on the planet cool enough not to fall for the world's sexiest woman. I don't know who's fooling whom, or why I should care. Both actors are a little too perfect, and it makes neither one sympathetic.

"The Tourist" may be the big movie of the week, but I want to know more about the story and the characters before I buy my ticket.