Darren Aronofsky's "Black Swan" yesterday received an unprecedented 12 nominations for the closely watched pre-Oscar Critics' Choice Movie Awards.

"True Grit" and "The King's Speech" followed close behind with 11 nominations each, while "Inception" received 10 nominations and "The Social Network" garnered nine.

"Swan" received nominations for best picture, best actress (Natalie Portman), best supporting actress (Mila Kunis) and best director (Aronofsky), among others.

Pixar's "Toy Story 3" was honored in the best picture and best animated feature categories.

"Winter's Bone" also scored multiple nominations, including best picture. From that movie, 20-year-old Jennifer Lawrence earned nods in both the best actress and best young actor/actress categories.

Hailee Steinfeld, 14, earned nods as best supporting actress and best young actor/actress for "True Grit." Chloe Grace Moretz, 13, was nominated in the best young actor/actress category twice for "Let Me In" and "Kick-Ass."

Nicole Kidman received her record seventh Critics' Choice acting nomination for best actress in "Rabbit Hole."