The Broadway debut of Spider-Man, already (at $65 mil) the priciest show ever, with music by Bono and The Edge of Irish rock deities U2, has been pushed back a month to Feb. 7. Why? Insiders say they're redoing the closing tune and adding more scenes.

He's still not dead, yo

On Thursday, rumors ran wildfire that

Morgan Freeman

, 73, had died. A single lying Twitter tweet started it. Great investigative journalism: Slate's

Farhad Manjoo

revealed the hoaxster to be the tweeter


. People just passed the rumor on as if it were true. It's garbaggio.


Mark Twain

, then

Sir Paul McCartney

, now Morgan.

Hank 4's head found!

Yes, that's right - the severed head of

Henri IV

of France was found in a public servant's attic (?) and positively identified, laying to rest a way-cool mystery. Hank was assassinated in 1610, then dug up and beheaded by random weird rebels in 1793. What to do with a 400-year-old head? They gifted it to a descendant!

Joyeux Noël


Small is dutiful

Shelley Malil


The 40-Year-Old Virgin

) got life in prison (with a shot at parole) for stabbing ex-gf

Kendra Beebe

, in 2008. She survived. . . .

Zac Hanson

, 25, babyface drummer for


, and wife


said hi to new daughter

Junia Rosa Ruth


. . .

Jessica Simpson

's ex, QB

Tony Romo

, is engaged to

Candice Crawford

, a Dallas TV reporter and sis of sweetie-pie

Chace Crawford


Gossip Girl

). Jess' ex-husband,

Nick Lachey

, is engaged to

Vanessa Minnillo

. So what? sings Jess. I'm engaged to ex-NFL guy

Eric Johnson

! . . .

Denise Richards

, who always looks different, says she's dating

Nikki Sixx

, founder of

Mötley Crüe

. Sixx used to date

Kat "Tat Girl" von D


. . . The New York Post says

Police Sources


Charlie Sheen

(Denise's ex-hub) won't be charged for his maniac October N.Y. hotel thing. . . . You go,

Kevin Spacey

! Folks are always on you to "admit" you're gay, and you stand up for privacy. This time it was a Daily Beast reporter.

Oprah Winfrey


Mariah Carey

, and

John Travolta

have lately had to handle garbaggio like this. . . . No,



Gov. Bill Richardson

of New Mexico!!! Jealous of Florida pardoning

Jim Morrison

of the


, B-Rich is thinking of pardoning

Billy the Kid

! . . .

OK, so

Johnny Depp

has a celebrated long-term thang with

Vanessa Paradis

. And J-Depp's costar in the forthcoming

Pirates of the Caribbean 3,476

(actually, it's called

On Stranger Tides

) is

Kristen Stephenson-Pino

, whose bf is surfer

Torrey Meister

. But Kristen evidently put mouth on roam mode, saying J-Depp made advances on the set, invited her to his trailer (

Oh Emm Gee!

), and "I was in there for a few hours," and "he's just the whole package!" Down, Kris. . . .

John Lennon

's white suit from

Abbey Road

will be auctioned off by a Connecticut gallery.