It proved impossible to rank the beloved characters who died on TV this year, so we are respectfully listing them in alphabetical order.

Amy (Emma Bell, on "The Walking Dead"): Didn't you scream "Nooooo!" at the TV? We did.

David Hale (Taylor Sheridan, on "Sons of Anarchy"): Uh. That came out of nowhere.

Ida (Randee Heller, on "Mad Men"): Bert Cooper said it best: "She was born in 1898 in a barn. She died on the 37th floor of a skyscraper. She was an astronaut." No one answered a phone quite like Miss Blankenship.

Jin (Daniel Dae Kim, on "Lost"): The most heart-breaking death on "Lost" of the year. Ultimate sacrifice.

Marlene (Phyllis Sommerville, on "The Big C"): We were so upset when the show went there, but we understood the move later. Still, we will miss her very much.

Renee (Annie Wersching, on "24"): Jack Bauer finally gets to have sex and minutes later his girlfriend is shot by a sniper. Man, it sucks to be Jack.

Sayid (Naveen Andrews, on "Lost"): Another self-sacrificing moment, but the romantic hero went out in a big way.

Sun (Yunjin Kim, on "Lost"): Watching her drown with her husband still brings tears to our eyes.

Talbot (Theo Alexander, on "True Blood"): Russell mourning Talbot is almost as sad as watching Talbot die. We liked that sexy vampire very much.

Tom (Tate Donovan, on "Damages"): We knew that that mess would not end well, but we're sad you're gone.

Honorable Mention: He was, unfortunately, not a fictional character, but we need to salute Capt. Phil Harris, who died while filming "Deadliest Catch." We really miss you.