In the spirit of tradition, we wanted to hear your resolutions for 2011. But in the spirit of revelry, we thought it would be more fun - and just as futile - if you made resolutions for other people, strangers and celebrities alike. Here are some from your wish list.

Here's my resolution for . . .

... my dog, Chase Muttley:

I will never make my mom chase me around the house to take me out for my walk, and I will never, ever pee on her down comforter again! And I will stop eating my dad's Vibram Five Fingers, because I know they're expensive and his favorite shoes.

Rachel Ezekiel-Fishbein

Elkins Park

... people who promise to return calls and e-mails: Return calls and e-mails!

... people who say "it's in the mail": Make sure it is.

... my former best gal pal and sometime partner/sweetie: Be my true friend and make amends.

Randy King


... Justin Bieber: I will hit puberty.

... Lady Gaga: I will start wearing nonedible.

         Clay Packel


... Tim Burton:

I will start making original movies again and stop ruining classics for the next generation.

... Mike "The Situation": I will get a real job and leave my shirt on for more than 10 seconds at a time.

... President Obama: I will actually make the "change" that I promised.

Tom Carney


... the local police: Resolve to help out those of us trying to stay fit (and alive) by actually enforcing speeding and yield-to-pedestrian laws.

Diane C. Moskal


... Charlie Sheen: I will stop drinking.

... Bruce Jenner: I will not get any more plastic surgery.

... Donald Trump: I will hire, not fire employees.

... Ryan Howard: I will not swing at bad pitches.

... Kanye West: I will not interrupt Taylor Swift giving an award speech.

Samantha White


... the Delaware River Port Authority: We will give drivers free rides on the bridge in 2011 - like they have given us 'free rides' for the past 20 years!

         Barbara             Reynolds Kelly

Mount Laurel

... the typical YouTube commenter: I'm going to use proper grammar and respect the opinions of others.

... the teachers at my school: I'm going to stop blatantly playing favorites.

... Stephenie Meyer: I'm going to stop writing books. That'll do, Bella Swan, that'll do.

Alicia Pisano

Rose Valley

. . . people who use their cell phones while driving: Because it is a dangerous habit as well as a complete annoyance, we will stop. We clearly cannot look at a keyboard and observe the road and pedestrians at the same time.

Carol A. Pasquarello