A few culinary wags make their predictions for 2011:

Daniel Stern, chef/owner, R2L and MidAtlantic: "Cocktails at lunch will be back with a vengeance this year."

Chris Painter, culinary director, Starr Restaurants: "A return to luxury dining, with the focus on authentic and approachable cuisine. It's going to be OK to do higher-end food again!"

Michael Schulson, chef/owner, Sampan, Philadelphia; Izakaya, Atlantic City: "2010 was a great year for small, focused restaurants in Philadelphia. I think you'll see even more of them in 2011 - chef-driven places that devote themselves to a single cuisine or culinary style and take the time to make sure that every dish is just right."

Georges Perrier, chef/owner, Le Bec-Fin: "The push for organic foods will continue as customers are becoming more educated in healthy eating. Hopefully we will see more fruits and vegetables being offered on restaurant children's menus."

Melissa Monosoff, master sommelier, Savona, Gulph Mills: "In the beer world, saisons will be even bigger this year. My picks locally are from Sly Fox and McKenzie's brew pub in Malvern. I see brewers' going even wilder with herbs, flowers and spices.

"For wine lovers, Pinot noir and Malbec will still reign. People will search out fun grape varieties from familiar places - like Sangiovese from Sonoma County - or grapes they know from new places, like Cabernet from Washington State or Syrah from Greece or Blaufrankisch from Austria. Spain will continue to rise in popularity as one of the most exciting and best-valued wine [sources]."

Rich Silverberg, chef/owner, Silver Spoon, Wayne: "Gluten-free cooking will become more mainstream, appealing not only to diners with allergies but also those looking to reduce grain intake for diet and nutritional reasons. Sauces taste even better without starchy rouxs and slurries."

Roberta Adamo, executive chef, Penne Restaurant: "Comfort will still be the guide for 2011. If meatballs are here, chicken cutlets and parmigiana can't be far behind. When life gets hectic, you just want to go home and have something your mom or grandmom used to make you. I'm thinking a pepper, potato and egg sandwich for lunch. It's amazing how they made something delicious from very humble ingredients. Feel the love!"

- Beth D'Addono