Eight-year-old Jahnai has big plans for his future.

"I might be an artist or a movie star," he says. He also knows how he is going to reach his goal. "I'm going to go to college and then graduate college and then go to Hollywood," he explains.

Jahnai is bright, energetic, and inquisitive. His social worker says he seems older than his age. "He has a great wealth of knowledge," she says. Jahnai enjoys playing video games, putting together puzzles, and drawing. In second grade, he likes school and does well academically. He gets along well with his teacher and classmates, and math is his favorite subject.

Jahnai says he would like to be "the best kid on earth." Although he has some behavioral issues because of past trauma, he is working hard to deal with them in a positive way. Jahnai thrives on attention and needs a family that can provide him with unconditional love and a structured environment. His idea of a forever family includes a mother and siblings. He would also like a family that celebrates birthdays and Christmas. He is eligible for financial subsidy.