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Tattle: Gigi tells of tryst with Arnold

GIGI GOYETTE was on "Extra" last night, telling former Philadelphia news anchor Jerry Penacoli about her no-longer-secret lust affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

GIGI GOYETTE was on "Extra" last night, telling former Philadelphia news anchor Jerry Penacoli about her no-longer-secret lust affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

According to the former child star, the pair met on a Malibu beach in the late 1970s, when Arnold was best known as an oiled-up muscleman in a thong. He was 27 at the time, and Gigi was 16 and an aspiring actress. "He has this overpowering way with women that you get weak," said Gigi, making Arnold sound like a roofie. But Arnold wasn't just overpowering, he had a sensitive side and made Gigi feel comfortable.

"It's pretty much the first time I had sex with anybody in my life," she said, although Tattle remains unsure how one could be pretty much a virgin. Like most beach flings, it didn't last, but the pair began seeing each other again nearly 10 years later, when Gigi began working at now-married Arnold's Annual Fitness Convention, in Ohio, and once again flexed his muscle.

Gigi told "Extra" they met for many secret romps, sometimes in the very hotel where Maria Shriver was staying with their children.

"Arnold is a very physical and sexual man," she said, "with a voracious appetite that likes a lot of physical attention."

Seeking forgiveness on "Extra," Gigi said to Maria and the world: "I am very sorry for the mistakes I made in the past and for being intimate with your husband, and I would hope that you would forgive me for that."

* The London Sun went a step further, claiming Gigi landed in the hospital because Arnold liked his romps rough. A Sun source said after one "Raw Deal," Gigi said she was left "hurt and embarrassed."

Too much Vienna Wiener?

"[Gigi] said Arnold was unbelievably frisky and that she had to go to hospital he was so rough. She was embarrassed turning up with an injury like that," a "friend" said.

* According to, Arnold's babymama, Mildred Patty Baena, is threatening to sue "Entertainment Tonight" because she claims the show paid her ex-husband, Rogelio Baena, "in excess of six figures to spew lies" that Patty had betrayed him into believing he was the father.

Patty's lawyers say they can prove Rogelio always knew he wasn't the dad - that Arnold was the one who had done the spewing - because he was abroad when the child was conceived. Patty's lawyers believe she has "been outrageously defamed." Defamed? What if Maria went on and said Patty had lied to her about who the father was?

On behalf of Cheryl Cole . . .

  . . . Tattle is outraged that she has reportedly been axed as a judge of "X Factor" because, according to, her Scottish burr was too thick and she didn't have great chemistry with Paula Abdul.

We watched the British version of "X Factor" and never had a problem understanding Cheryl.

She speaks English . . . with an accent.

You know, like Simon Cowell.

And like "America's Got Talent" judges Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan.

Not to mention "The Voice's" Blake Shelton.

Producers are trying to get Cheryl to go back to the UK "X Factor" but she's reportedly ticked and told them to bugger off.

Co-host and former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, who served as a judge on "The Sing-Off," will now join the judges and Brit Steve Jones, who also has an accent, will host by himself.

The show hasn't even started yet and we already hate it. Mess with Cheryl Cole and you're messing with Tattle.

* In "American Idol" news, Ellen Gray blogs all about last night's finale at


 * Stephen King's first play, "The Ghost Brothers of Darkland County," featuring haunting melodies by John Mellencamp, will finally open next April in Atlanta.

The project originated about 11 years ago, King said.

"John had an idea that he wanted to do a play about ghosts in a cabin and how sibling rivalries and resentments are carried down from generation to generation," King said.

He said Mellencamp told his agent he wanted a writer like Stephen King and discovered that the two had the same agent.

And thus is born theater.

* Life & Style says Philly native Bradley Cooper is reportedly dating beautiful & brainy Olivia Wilde ("House," the upcoming "Cowboys and Aliens"), just in time for the release of "The Hangover 2." How convenient for their publicists.

Sources say Cooper and Wilde were "together" at "The Hangover 2" afterparty Wednesday at NYC's Boom Boom Room.

"Olivia was Bradley's date," said an insider. "He was always taking her hand or putting his hand on her lower back, it was really sweet."

The romance must be true because at the "Saturday Night Live" afterparty, an onlooker told the New York Post: "It looked like Olivia was friendly with Justin [Timberlake], but was flirting with Bradley."* People reported yesterday that Kim Kardashian is engaged to her boyfriend of six months, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries.

As sister Khloe is already married to L.A. Laker forward Lamar Odom, there must be a lot of pressure on sister Kourtney to bring a point guard into the family.

Kris gave Kim a 20.5-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring valued at over $2 million.

Advice from Tattle: A man who has a career with an expiration date should not be spending $2 million on a ring for a wife with an expiration date.

Daily News wire services contributed to this report.