Ahmad is a friendly 14-year-old with a variety of interests. Among them are playing basketball, watching football games on television, and testing his skills at video games. He is on the basketball team at school and constantly strives to improve his playing. Although he can be introverted at times, he warms up to people when he gets to know them better.

Ahmad enjoys going to school, especially science class. He loves animals, and if he could would have a backyard filled with them. He looks forward to a career working with animals.

In his foster placement, Ahmad is a pleasure to have around. He is respectful, easy to get along with, and conscientiously completes his chores. When asked what he was most proud of, he said he was proud to see himself growing up and maturing.

Ahmad has experienced many separations and losses and looks forward to having a permanent home. He would thrive with a loving, supportive family that would encourage him to reach his potential. He is close to his siblings, and it is important that they remain in contact. He is eligible for financial subsidy.