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TMZ: Sheen won't bail out Dykstra, but producer will

"Nails" won't rot in jail.

Lenny Dykstra's mugshot, taken after his arrest in April.
Lenny Dykstra's mugshot, taken after his arrest in April.Read more

"Nails" won't rot in jail.

At least, that's what TMZ, the gossip website, is reporting.

Lenny Dykstra, a main man as the Phillies took the Macho Row-d to the World Series in 1993, has been begging his rich celeb friends to bail him out.


He was tossed in the clink this week on 23 felony counts, including grand theft auto and drug charges, and he needs $50,000 - 10 percent of the $500,000 bail - to get released.

Unless he wins an appeal today to have the amount reduced.

According to TMZ, actor Charlie Sheen is shying away, despite earlier this year having bailed out the Dude, who played a role with the ex-Two and a Half Men star's recent arena tour.

"Lenny's people then approached two wealthy members of the Philadelphia sports community – but they weren't willing to fork over any cash either," reports TMZ.

But today producer Jonathan Heap stepped forward, saying he'll help spring the former outfielder, who became a car-wash king and even got folks to believe he was an investment guru - before he blew a supposed $50 million fortune and filing for bankruptcy, claiming monstrous amounts of debt.

Heap's explanation: "Everyone deserves a second chance."

He might have another reason: He's producing a movie about Dykstra's life, says TMZ.