This letter is to offer sympathy to "Trish in Louisiana," who was seated next to two large passengers on a three-hour flight. It has happened to me.

The airlines control the size and weight of baggage, whether it's checked or carry-on, and charge when it's overweight. So why do they turn a blind eye when it comes to passengers who must endure being crowded out of the seats we have paid for? If airlines aren't willing to screen passengers for size, perhaps they should provide a few rows of larger seats to accommodate them.

Airlines have sacrificed comfort for economy to the point that the seats are simply too small. I'm an average- size woman, but I find the seats are barely large enough. They're crowded so close together you can't move your legs, and they don't actually recline. I agree with your advice to speak up if you find yourself being squeezed.

- Ellen in Las Cruces

DEAR ELLEN: While your letter reflects the views of many readers, they all agree that airlines need to do a better job of customer service regarding the seating on planes. Another one:

DEAR ABBY: The fault lies with airline management. They should specify up front in their ad campaigns that if the passengers' exceed certain parameters, they must buy two tickets.

- Comfortable on the Ground