YIS GOODWIN, the street artist known as NoseGo, is also utilizing new technology to propagate his work, but in a different fashion from Conrad Benner. Goodwin, the creative art director at Broken Compass Studios, recently released his first iPhone game called "Catball Eats it All."

The premise is simple: A wide-eyed furball of a cat bounces around a course trying to eat as much as possible. The more it eats, the bigger it grows, with only its archenemy Dogwall standing in its way.

But what separates this game from the average iPhone app is that the characters and backgrounds were hand-painted by Goodwin, reflecting his style of bright colors and whacked-out animals.

"We just wanted to be something artistically different," Goodwin said.

"We want it to feel like you're playing in a painting."

The game is on a freemium model, meaning that the first two courses are free but users need to buy the next levels.

Goodwin said the levels that have been released are only a quarter of what he's painted.

More levels should be ready for download as early as Monday or Tuesday next week.

- Molly Eichel