I'm a 19-year-old woman, hardworking and married to my best friend. Life is amazing! So what's my problem? I burn out of jobs quickly. I'll start a job and absolutely love it, but within six months the things that I once loved about the job start to drive me crazy. Within a year, I hate my job and put in my two weeks' notice.

I have recently considered enlisting in the Air Force. (My husband is on active duty.) I am absolutely thrilled about it, but I'm afraid I'll eventually start hating my job and it's something I'll be stuck with. How do I overcome this?

- Wants to Enlist

DEAR WANTS TO ENLIST: Please stop and reread your letter. Are you aware that you're talking about work the way a schoolgirl talks about romance - blind, grand passion until reality sets in, then on to the next one? A job isn't like that. While it can be rewarding on many levels, when the novelty fades it is still WORK.

Military life is rewarding, but it can also be demanding, frustrating and dangerous. It requires making a commitment and sticking with it even after the going gets tough. With your short attention span and low tolerance for frustration, I don't recommend you take ANY job that requires a signed contract guaranteeing you won't leave.