WHAT'S REALLY hot on Internet TV? Roku CEO Anthony Wood recently shared the top 10 channels on his platform. Netflix remains No. 1, followed by Pandora, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, the ad-supported Crackle movie channel, HBO Go, the casual video game Angry Birds (playable on the top Roku 2 XS box), Disney, NBC News and Glenn Beck TV.

Let me tack on some personal faves.

AOL HD: This polished hub serves up tech news from Engadget, scenic reviews of hot European cars, trailers from Moviefone and the chance to stream full albums from AOL Music.

Score these sounds: Baeble Music hosts shows from SXSW to our First Unitarian Church. Philadelphia artists are well represented, too, including the Roots, Dr. Dog, War on Drugs and Man Man. Also check out Ditty TV and the world of Internet radio streaming from TuneIn Radio and SHOUTcast.

Movie magic: Snag Films has a stellar array of documentary films. Crunchyroll delivers action packed flicks from China and anime from Japan. PubDHub takes us way back with classic black-and-white films and TV shows now in the public domain.

For foodies: Work up a hunger at iFood channels devoted to Italian, Indian, Thai, Korean and vegetarian cooking.

Feed your brain: @ Ted Talks, WSJ Live and news aggregators like Roku Newcaster and MHZ Networks.

Wild and wacky: There's room for everything under the sun at Blip TV (comic books to musical theater) and Revision3. n

— Jonathan Takiff