It used to be that the sight of former Sixers superstar Allen Iverson running up and down the pine, hitting his jump shot, would scare many an NBA opponent.

Nowadays, the dude is just plain scary, according to legal documents filed in Atlanta by A.I.'s once better half, Tawanna Iverson, 36.

The Answer is so frightening, she claims in the filing, that the former Tawanna Turner wants a restraining order issued against him because he's harassing her and her family, according to a report. (The estranged couple have four children, ages 3 to 17.)

Over the past few months, Iverson "has engaged in increasingly contemptuous, threatening, and disturbing behavior," Tawanna Iverson said in the filing, TMZ reported. The estranged Mrs. thinks things may escalate, the website said.

His grumpy behavior may have been prompted by one of her previous court filings, seeking the names and phone numbers of his hookups dating back to the start of their 2001 marriage. Tawanna Iverson and her lawyer were quite specific about what a hookup entailed.

"Such sexual relations and/or intimate physical contact include, without limitation, sexual intercourse, and/or touching or being touched in a manner for sexual arousal," according to papers filed in March.

In last week's filing, Mrs. Answer also claimed that A.I. was hiding money from her and asked the judge to stop him, TMZ reported.

But there appears to be a silver lining: Iverson told that he and Reebok would relaunch his signature "The Question" sneakers. If he doesn't hide it, the cash infusion from the sneaks would certainly help pay for some of the legal bills.

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