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Why the Sixers left CBS

So why did the 76ers abruptly leave CBS Radio for 97.5 The Fanatic last Saturday?

So why did the 76ers abruptly leave CBS Radio for 97.5 The Fanatic last Saturday? A breach of contract by CBS Radio, says a source familiar with the deal.

This divorce saga all started on April 3, when the Sixers played the Miami Heat in a game that ended up being broadcast on 98.1 WOGL rather than one of the team's usual radio homes — 610 WIP or 94 WIP. The Sixers were notified of the move just one day before the game, though their contract stipulated they be given a longer notice, we're told. The agreement also stated that the Sixers could be bumped for a Flyers or Eagles game, but not for the Phillies, says our source. Why not for the Phils? Because the contract was written three years ago, before the team moved to WIP.

On Thursday, 97.5 The Fanatic, a WIP rival owned by Greater Media, suddenly announced that it would carry the Sixers, starting with last Saturday's playoff game against the Bulls. Sources say the first meeting between team officials and Fanatic brass was April 10. "The Sixers' rapidly growing fan base will no longer have to set their radios to 'scan' to find where their Sixers will be aired," Sixers CEO Adam Aron said in a statement, expressing what could be construed as frustration with the lack of a steady home.

On Monday, the Flyers also announced a move to the Fanatic, though the switch won't go into effect until next season.

"We're thrilled to be working with a partner that is 100 percent committed and excited about the Philadelphia Flyers," said Comcast-Spectacor President Peter Luukko.

Sounds like the Flyers also didn't feel like they were getting enough TLC from CBS.

CBS Radio Market Manager Marc Rayfield did not answer our questions about the move other than to say that WIP and the Sixers parted amicably. Fanatic program director Matt Nahigian also declined to discuss how the deal came about.

Lobbyist offers a Benz

Who says there are no true friends in politics? Local lobbyist Holly Kinser offered to donate a year's lease on a Mercedes to state Rep. Dwight Evans on Friday night, after she won the lease in a raffle at the Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis Education Center's gala, citing how the longtime lawmaker was responsible for the East Falls center being built.

Evans took the stage with Kinser — but did not accept the car. Kinser confirmed yesterday that she and Evans decided to give the prize back to the Ashe center.

Kinser, who drives a BMW, paid $40 to enter the "heads or tails" raffle in which participants put their hands on their heads or their rears as a coin is flipped, guessing whether it will land on heads or tails. Kinser said she was not concerned about the appearance of a lobbyist gifting a luxury car to a politician. "I was doing it because Dwight worked really hard to get the organization that building," said Kinser, who recently left the S.R. Wojdak lobbying firm to start her own company, the Kinser Group.

Surprisingly, Evans could have legally accepted the gift, as long as he disclosed it, according to state law. Fortunately, he knows better.

The Benz lease will soon be back up for bid at

Horse doc on Derby day

"Union Rags: An American Love Story," a film about the Kentucky Derby horse owned by theprominent Wyeth family, could be shown in part during Saturday's NBC Sports coverage of the Triple Crown event. The 24-minute film, written and directed by Ed Tettemer, brand consultant and former partner of advertising firm Red Tettemer, will also be aired on Comcast SportsNet's "Let's Go Racing" show. Tettemer credits Daily News sportswriter Dick Jerardi with inspiring him to make a film on the great horse.

See the film at, a marketing initiative run by the PA Racing Commission.

Phils pitchers hit Revel

After Kyle Kendrick pitched Sunday, he and fellow Phillies hurlers Cole Hamels and Joe Blanton headed to Atlantic City to check out the city's newest resort casino, Revel. The guys hung out in the Ultra Lounge, a gaming area that overlooks the beach and boardwalk.

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