In studio estimates through Sunday, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 kept its slim lead over the rest of the pack, says Box Office Mojo. TTSBDP2 is first, with a $17.4 million weekend gross and $254.6 mil total take so far. Close behind is the latest Bond thing, Skyfall, with $17 mil and $246 mil so far. The rest of the top 10: (3) Lincoln, $13.5 mil and $83.7 mil; (4) Rise of the Guardians, $13.5 mil and $48.9 mil; (5) Life of Pi, $12 mil and $48.3 mil; (6) Wreck-It Ralph, $7.02 mil and $158.3 mil; (7) Killing Them Softly, at $7 mil and, well, of course, $7 mil; (8) Red Dawn (2012), $6.6 mil and $31.3 mil; (9) Flight, $4.5 mil and $81.5 mil; and (10) The Collection, $3.4 mil and $3.4 mil.

In other news . . .

Led Zeppelin visited the White House ahead of the Kennedy Center awards gala Sunday. No presidential TVs were thrown out windows. . . . Nadya "Octomom" Suleman, mommy of 14, has been nominated for four Adult Video Network awards, equivalent of the porn Grammys, for her adult vid Octomom: Home Alone. . . . Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner, she 26 and he 86, will, after all, get married. New Year's Eve at the Playboy Mansion! Their previous hitchfest was cancelled in June 2011 when Crystal got frigid feets. . . . Ashley Herbert and J.P. Rosenbaum met on season seven of Bachelorette in 2011 - and married Saturday in Pasadena. . . . Lindsay Lohan has hired a PI, and the lady LiLo is said to have biffed Thursday, Tiffany Mitchell, has hired scary-big celeb lawyer Gloria Allred. Uh-oh. . . . Wendy Williams is the latest to go nekkid for PETA.   

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