On Friday, Oct. 26, 1,800 photos were submitted by Philadelphians to Philly Photo Day 2012.

In its third year, "Philly Photo Day is designed to give every Philadelphian the opportunity to take charge of how they want to represent themselves and their city," said Sarah Stolfa, executive director of the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center. "The level of skill and the subject matter are far less important than the simple act of participating in this community-building project."

The photographs represent a range of artistic expression and serve as a diverse record of the city through the eyes of its community members, at one moment in history. Several photographs are included here, and a gallery with a greater selection can be found online at www.philly.com/photoday. All 1,800 will be on display Thursday night through Dec. 28 at the Photo Arts Center. See more photos on C8. - Hai Do