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Sideshow: Gawker's 'naked celebrity' list

OK, so nosy, naughty website Gawker offers yet another look-back list for 2012: "The 13 Most Powerful Images of Naked Celebrities of 2012." The list is only, like, totally not serious, but it points out an important PR trend. Celebs take pretend

OK, so nosy, naughty website Gawker offers yet another look-back list for 2012: "The 13 Most Powerful Images of Naked Celebrities of 2012." The list is only, like, totally not serious, but it points out an important PR trend. Celebs take pretend-oops nekkid photos of themselves that get pretend-hacked and posted on the Web. Great way to stay in the public, not to say pubic, ogle! A big year in nekkidness. Poor Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as if severe pregnancy barfola weren't enough, makes the list twice because of outrageous snuck pics of her sunbathing starkers on her honeymoon - definitely not intentional. Other celebrity backsides on this unenviable list: Olivia Munn, who, give us a break, is fooling no one; Heather Morris, obviouser and obviouser; Snooki of Jersey Shore, need we comment?; Jennifer Aniston ornament Justin Theroux; master of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg; Prince Harry of Wales, and it's his own drunken fault; Alison Pill, and that one might possibly be inadvertent; Marilyn Monroe, deceased and exploited; AnnaLynne McCord, sure, sure; and Christina Hendricks, playfully.

Locals make beautiful music

Ears, be happy!! The Grammy noms are out, man, with a lot of Philly linkage!

Most remarkable thing: The Temple University Symphony Orchestra is up twice in the same category, best instrumental classical performance, once for Music of Ansel Adams: America by Chris and Dave Brubeck (who stepped across just now), and again for Overture, Waltz and Rondo by Bill Cunliffe. The Boyer College of Music and Dance commissioned and released both under its label, BCM&D Records. They have a 2-in-5, or (slide rule, please) 40 percent chance of scorin'! Go, Temps!

Our home men The Roots are up for best rap album for Undun. P!nk (grew up in Doylestown) is up for best pop vocal album for The Truth About Love. DJ/producer Diplo, once based here, is up for producer of the year (non-classical). Wyomissing's own Taylor Swift is all over the place. Her ditty "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is nommed, as was inevitable, for record of the year, and her tune "Safe & Sound," which she did with The Civil Wars for The Hunger Games flick, is up twice, for best country duo/group performance and best song written for visual media.

Hurray for Jim Murray

Jim Murray, cofounder of Ronald McDonald House and former Iggles GM, will get the Lifetime Achievement Award, for service to the Philly community, at the third annual Shining Star Awards, a benefit for the March of Dimes that's put on by Wanamaker Entertainment. The awards dinner, hosted by Ron Burke, will be Jan. 11 at the Westin Philadelphia.

Kate leaves hospital less orky

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, left the hospital Thursday after treatment for severe nausea. She flashed a pretty, good-humored smile, assisted by hub Prince William, Duke of, oh, yeah, Cambridge and a bouquet of yellow roses. Brava, baby.

When is a Skittle not a Skittle?

The world now knows LeAnn Rimes uses laxatives. How? Follow us, now. It won't be worth it, but it'll give you something to do. LeAnn stole away Eddie Cibrian, or Eddie ran, from his then-wife Brandi Glanville, with whom he had two kids. Brandi, who loves LeAnn like psoriasis, tells Us Weekly her eldest, Mason, 9, ate some of LeAnn's dambusters and got sick: " She has [a laxative] in every purse. Mason found one on the floor and thought it was a Skittle!" Eddie says get outta here wid dat stuff, no way. LeAnn, honey-doll, three things: (1) Don't be lax with your laxatives; (2) you're skinny enough, dang; (3) fiber, fiber!

Meanwhile, everywhere else . . .

On a recent assignment in Portugal for 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper spent a long time in the water, under the bright, reflecting TV lights (made necessary by overcast skies). He went to bed, and woke up in ocular agony. He was blind for 36 hours. He suffered badly burned retinas, but they and he are recovering.           . . . Jenelle Evans, 20 (16 and Pregnant, and Teen Mom 2), married her bf of three whole months, Courtland Rogers, down in North Carolina. Jenelle was engaged to another guy, but broke it off this year. She swears Twitterwise she is not with kid. She has a son, Jace, from her teen years. Sister Ashley Evans Wilson helps matters by swearing the whole family was shocked and blindsided! He's fighting felony charges right now, and the oft-arrested she reportedly has drug issues. An American storybook wedding. . . . So let's list a few celeb splits! Yay! Biiiiig ones included Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes; Seal and Heidi Klum, who dumped poor Seal for her bodyguard, Martin Kristen; Dennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington-Quaid just filed; Allen Iverson is battling to sever with wife Tawanna; Amy Pohler/Will Arnett; Russell Crowe/Danielle Spencer; Kenny G/Lyndie Benson; Stevie Wonder/Kai Morris; et cetera . . . Here's a transition for you: Danny DeVito says that, yeah, he and wife Rhea Perlman are separated, but they're "still together" and "are working on it." Nice. OMG! at Yahoo! offers a good list of the top celeb engagements of 2012: Angie/Brad; Jen/Justin; Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth; Avril Lavigne/Chad Kroeger (of Nickelback); Halle Berry/Olivier Martinez, although Olly's been fisticuffed by Halle ex Gabriel Aubry; Hilaria Thomas, 28/Alec Baldwin, 54, and, zoom, engaged in April, hitched in June. Dude must love the heck out of her, because the man has lost a ton of weight. There - we said it!; But Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman ran the entire cycle, if you will: engagement (announced) in January, got hitched in June, and poppin' baby Olive Barrymore Kopelman in October. We love the name Olive! Brutus and Popeye, not so much.