Compassionate and loving Samuel, 13, is very affectionate and helpful with his caregivers. He likes reading books with them and then discussing the stories. Sam also enjoys doing puzzles, playing video games and watching movies. He shows his creative side through the cars he builds with Legos. Although Sam frequently participates with his peers in games, he happily plays independently.

Sam has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. In school he benefits from special education services and individual attention. He takes pleasure in learning new skills. Sam receives occupational and physical therapy during the school day.

His caregivers keep his Life Book updated with family photographs, baby pictures, school awards, milestones, and other achievements, along with his comments and memories. Sam wants to be adopted and looks forward to the time when he can share his Life Book with an adoptive family.

Sam would thrive in an adoptive home where he would receive an abundance of affection and a structured environment. The family would need to participate in his therapy. Sam is close to his younger sister, and it is important that contact be maintained.