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Find out who's playing when during the 2013 Mummers Parade

Here's the order of march for the 2013 Mummers String Bands. The first band steps off at Broad and Ritner at 10:30 a.m. (Number in parentheses indicates a band's 2012 prize ranking.)

Here's the order of march for the 2013 Mummers String Bands. The first band steps off at Broad and Ritner at 10:30 a.m. (Number in parentheses indicates a band's 2012 prize ranking.)

Greater Overbrook (15)

Captain Bill Razzano

Theme: Headin' For The Hills

High in the Smoky Mountains, a shotgun wedding is about to take place. The groom to be is Captain Bill Razzano, the hillbilly clan leader. Plenty of homemade moonshine is served at this ceremony, accompanied by dueling banjos and mountain music.

Durning (13)

Captain Joe Pomante

Theme: What's Hop-pening

Get ready for a hare-raising performance. Hip-Hop Rabbits take to Broad Street, dancing to tunes ranging from the Bunny Hop to the Party Rock Anthem in rabbit costumes complete with floppy ears. Characters include the Energizer Bunny and Elmer Fudd. Durning is noted for its creative, comedic themes, and this year is no exception.

Original Trilby (17)

Captain Joseph R. Kaminski

Theme: Yo Ho Ho and A Bottle of Mum

Board Trilby's pirate ship as it prepares to do battle against its nemesis. Experience sword fights and cannon fire with the seafaring songs of John Williams. A treasure chest of excitement! Trilby is the oldest string band, marching in the first "official" Mummers Parade in 1901.

Peter A. Broomall (16)

Captain Peter J. Broomall Sr.

Theme: Just What the Doctor


This medical spoof takes place at the not-so-typical Broomall Hospital emergency room and stars doctors, nurses and patients. Props include an ambulance, extra large thermometers, syringes and an X-ray machine. Captain Pete Broomall is the Chief of Staff.

South Philadelphia (3)

Captain Denny Palandro

Theme: Barnyard Moosical

South Philadelphia String Band takes you down on the farm. Animals abound in this rousing barnyard with plenty of farmers, scarecrows and even dancing pumpkins joining the hoedown. It's a large cast of characters, led by Jimmy Dean Doodle Jr. (Captain Denny Palandro), playing "Farm" -related musical selections. Noted for their extravagant props, South Philly consistently finishes in the top four.

Hegeman (6)

Captain John P. Baron

Theme: Just Imagine

An innovative, romantic theme featuring the music of the Beatles. Iconic symbols of the 1960s are featured throughout the presentation, with props depicting Big Ben, Penny Lane, a yellow submarine and an animated octopus. Look for Sergeant Pepper-inspired costumes and 1960s "mod" fashions. The "Dream Master," Captain John Baron, leads the magical and musical mystery tour.

Woodland (1)

Captain Tom Robison

Theme: A Knight You Won't


The 2012 first prize band, Woodland catapults you back in time to "Camelot" and the days of the Knightly Hood. Courageous knights guard the castle, jesters entertain and the king (Captain Robinson) leads the knights in defense of his medieval kingdom, ultimately doing battle with a three headed dragon. The costumes consist of a knights, jesters and pages.

Aqua (8)

Captain Ron Iannacone

Theme: Bummin' & Mummin' on Broadway

Aqua's band of friendly bums gather outside the 42 Street theater district on a cold Broadway evening. Sifting through the debris of faded, discarded props, costumes and stage sets, these ingenious and lovable bums bring new life and magic to the unwanted show items. Captain Iannacone is the "King of the Bums." Music was selected based on classic Broadway productions.

Uptown (11)

Captain Ryan Radcliffe

Theme: Keystone Kops and Kapers

A quirky taste of the "Keystone Kops" set in the silent-film era. Uptown's popular yet clumsy cast of kops, gangsters and burglars bring from the silver screen to Broad Street the flair and style of 1920's music, dance and sophistication. The kops' caper is accompanied by swing selections combined with theatrical scores and, of course, the most popular dance of the era - the Charleston.

Polish American (10)

Captain Nick Magenta

Theme: A Rio Good Time

Celebrating their 80th Anniversary in 2013, Polish American presents the revelry and pageantry that is Rio. Ornate costumes and extravagant floats depict the rain forest and tropical fruits of the region. However, it's the dancing and the driving rhythmic samba and percussion of the energetic street bands that's "Carnival." Costumes are overloaded with ruffles and plumage. Nick Magenta makes his debut as Captain.

Avalon (7)

Captain Jack Hee

Theme: Big Top On Broad

Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated as Avalon invites you to come join the circus. Your favorite childhood memories from under the big top come to life with parading elephants, dancing lions and acrobatic clowns. The circus band plays a musical score of marches, ragtime and swing for a fun-filled day of popcorn fantasies and cotton candy dreams. Watch for the Circus Calliope! Captain Hee is the ringmaster.

Joseph A. Ferko (4)

Captain Anthony Celenza

Theme: Ferko's Bringin' Back Those Minstrel Days

A celebration in tribute of the American Musical Theater and the artists and timeless music that shaped the genre. From minstrel shows through ragtime and Vaudeville, Ferko pays tribute to artists such as Christy, Joplin, Foster, Bojangles, Jolson, Cantor and Gershwin. Noted for their sound and style, Ferko adds its unique twists to the traditional songs of this era.

Greater Kensington (9)

Captain Mike Kavchok

Theme: G.K. Rides Again

Greater Kensington's covered wagons venture into the Wild West, and these cowboys (and outlaws) are always up for an adventure. Watch for the train robbery scene as the train transforms into a saloon. Lots of hootin' and hollerin. The musical soundtrack includes songs associated with movie and TV westerns. New Captain Mike Kavchok is the sheriff.

Quaker City (2)

Captain Charlie Roetz Sr.

Theme: Pow Wow

Opening with a celebration dance, the spirit pictures come to life. Various tribes are featured in Quaker City's presentation with music and dance associated with Native Americans. Totem poles, canoes, horses, drums and smoke signals add to the setting. The headdresses and costuming of the tribes are reminiscent of the classic, authentic native style. Captain Charlie Roetz is the Chief.

Pennsport (12)

Captain Charlie Nicholas

Theme: Mummers In De-Nile

The pyramids of Egypt are the setting as Captain Charlie Nicholas portrays the Pharoah. Prepare to be amazed by Egyptian garb and mummy dancers with appropriate song selections. An Egyptian theme would not be complete without an appearance by Cleopatra. The finale is the boat trip down the Nile.

Duffy (14)

Captain Ted Kudrick

Theme: Duffy Takes The Cake

The scene is a bakery filled with all the ingredients necessary to bake a cake and other goodies. Duffy's chorus line of bakers have a recipe for entertainment with a musical selection of "sweet" tunes. Keep an eye out for the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Master baker, Captain Ted Kudrick, is the "Cake Boss."

Fralinger (5)

Captain Thomas D'Amore (1)

Theme: Back From the Dead

Shrieks and screams at midnight in a haunted moonlit graveyard. The ghostly Fralinger String Band brings alive the spooky sights and sounds of apparitions, zombies, and grim reapers, complete with crypt doors, mausoleums and a pipe organ. You'll be mesmerized by this graveyard gala with eerie, bone rattling musical selections. The 2012 first-prize Captain, Thomas D'Amore, is the Grand Reaper.

Fancy Brigades 2013

Here is the order for Fancy Brigades, which leave from Broad and Oregon at 1 p.m.

Golden Crown

Captain Rob Runowski

Theme: Apocalypse

Activate Thunderdome: Come with us to a makeshift city of Mad Max-style mayhem. Follow the Rogue Warriors as they transform the remnants of doomsday with their amazing energy.

Bill McIntyre's Shooting Stars

Captain Michael Adams

Theme: Super Heroes-Super Villains-Super Thrills

Come to a world which is home to all Iconic Super Heroes we know and love. All call this Comic Book Universe home, and all live in peace - or do they?


Captain John Lynch Jr.

Theme: Midnight Masquerade

Upon the canals of Venice stands an eerie Venetian Palace. Once every decade, it houses a luxurious gathering. When the clock tolls midnight, something strange occurs.

Satin Slipper

Captain Terk Gindville

Theme: Cyborgs: Rise of the Machine

The year is 2027. Due to the chaos that has been taking place in the United States, including chemical warfare, Homeland Security brings in an independent security firm, Cyber Corp., to keep peace. But Cyber Corp. has another plan ... a complete takeover!


Captain Frankie DeVito

Theme: Gods of the Sun

Are you ready for the stars to align? Science will tell you that the universe evolved from a giant cloud of dust and gas. The Downtowners bring to you how the universe and solar system really came to be in their own creative fashion.


Captain Jack Hatty Jr.

Theme: The Mayan Prophecy: Mystery of the Crystal Skulls

If you are surprised you are still here to read this, the Saturnalian's topical theme will explain to you that it is all about the Crystal Skulls. And the Mayan Culture is missing the 13th Crystal Skull, which would provide mysterious powers. Without it . . . well the calendar comes to an end!

South Philly Vikings

Captain Gerald Roccia

Theme: R ... U . . . Game

A game for those who seek to find a way to leave the jungle world behind: In the jungle you must wait, until the dice read 5 or 8! Then the "Game" begins . . .. for who?

2nd Street Shooters

Captain Dave Brotnitsky

Theme: Vikings: Legend of the Dragon Claws

The Shooters will take you back to medieval times, when the fearless Vikings terrorized the high seas in search of land and treasure to call their own. Led by the Dragons, each clan has set out to begin their adventure in the new world.


Captain Ralph Tursi

Theme: Battle for the Power of the Frozen Planet

Come into Clevemore's space station as the storm troopers and their leader prepare to battle the alien life-forms who inhabit the frozen planet. It is a battle of Good vs. Evil ... who will win, or can they coexist?


Captain Bob Fitzmaurice

Theme: Uniting of Nations Spirit of the Eagle

The tribes of the Indian Nation come together in celebration. The Mohegan tribe calls upon the spirit of the wolf. The Sioux chant for the buffalo, and the Cherokee evoke the Spirit of the Eagle. Listen as the drum beats grow louder and stronger and bring to life the great spirits of the land.