Although Patrick is only 13, he is already thinking about his future. His goals include serving in the military and racing fancy cars. However, his strong faith has also led him to consider a career as a preacher.

Patrick likes watching cartoons and movies that make him laugh. He also enjoys watching sports, especially baseball and football. He is enthusiastic about learning and trying new things. In school, his favorite subjects are math and computer class. His teachers say he is a hard worker and eager to learn.

Friendly, polite, compassionate, and empathetic, Patrick loves to be helpful. He makes a great effort to please the people around him and is happiest when he feels loved and respected.

Patrick cares about other people and their feelings. He has the ability to show love for others and yearns to be adopted. He has had much chaos in his life, including many separations and losses. Despite this, he is determined to remain upbeat. He has definite ideas about what he seeks in an adoptive family. "They will take care of you and treat you with respect," he says. "They won't give up on you."