THE HALLMARK cable channel announced plans to offer programming it's calling the "Kitten Bowl" in direct competition with Animal Planet's phenomenally popular "Puppy Bowl." The shows will be fighting each other for viewers, as well as the Super Bowl. Like Animal Planet, Hallmark intends to feature pets up for adoption, all but guaranteeing that the kittens and puppies will be adopted after the final whistles blow.

Pet-foods brands, including California Natural, EVO, HealthWise, Innova and Karma, are part of an expanded possible salmonella recall by Natura Pet Products that includes all its dry foods and treats with expiration dates before and including March 24, 2013. The products should be discarded and the company contacted at 800-224-6123 or for a refund of the sale price.

Companies that use corn in their products - including pet-food manufacturers - are on notice to expect the worst aflatoxin outbreak in decades. Aflatoxin is a mold that can cause cancer in animals and people. Check out

- Dr. Marty Becker

and Gina Spadafori