ABOUT the only good news arising from the "Meet the Parents" clone "Peeples" is that there are no Fockers about.

Otherwise it's a virtual duplication. Craig Robinson is the guy (named Wade) with the un-masculine job (he sings hold-your-bladder songs at preschools) and an upper-class girlfriend (Kerry Washington).

He crashes one of her family get-togethers at the posh home of her parents (David Alan Grier, S. Epatha Merkerson), who are also also hosting their TV-star daughter and gangsta wannabe son.

Dad is a judge, domineering in life as well as in court, and most of the jokes involve the prospective son-in-law trying desperately to make a good impression.

He fails, naturally, ingesting hallucinogens, stumbling into a private nudist gathering, etc. Remember the pot-smoking son in "Meet The Parents"? Here, he's a klepto, and, of course, Wade gets blamed for the missing items.

The episodic comedy is haphazardly arranged - director Tina Gordon Chism likes a good sight gag, but has less interest in plot. Sometimes characters appear almost out of thin air (Malcom Barrett, as Wade's brother).

The movie is a brisk 88 minutes, but even that seems barely enough to sustain the half-dozen good jokes.

Still, "Peeples" arises from the Tyler Perry comedy factory, and he knows what sells. Robinson is an appealing performer, Washington is gorgeous, and you never know.

If a sequel is warranted, perhaps the writers could seek input from the makers of the "Meet the Parents" sequels. They may get assistance, or they be told to Focker themselves.