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Coming This Week

By Steven Rea

The Hangover Part III The Wolfpack returns to Las Vegas and then ventures to the staid and sleepy town of Tijuana in the final installment of the guys-gone-wild trilogy. Lots of madness, lots of Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong), and, if the trailers are to be believed, lots of giraffe body parts splattered across the interstate. (Opens Thursday) R

Epic Fairies and fierce little warriors, talking snails and a teensy-weensy queen (voiced by Beyoncé) live among us, hiding in the woods and doing battle with their own wee nemeses while unwitting humans go about their business. A CG-animated feature with lots of action and a feisty teenage heroine (Amanda Seyfried), from the director of Ice Age. PG

Frances Ha Greta Gerwig stars in this black-and-white indie from Noah (Greenberg) Baumbach, about a New Yorker struggling to find a job, a place to live, and some meaning in her life. R