1MyCharge Peak 6000

Handy-dandy portable power pack features a whopping 6000 mAh battery good for three recharges. Love the flip-out AC plug and three built-in cable connectors - 30-pin iPhone, USB and Micro USB. $90-$100.

2Mophie Juice Pack


Thin-line iPhone 5 case neatly integrates power-doubling rechargeable battery. $75.13 at amazon.com.


Attractive messenger bags, backpacks and briefcases have built-in, removable battery packs (3000-6000 mAh) and cabling to charge stuff on the go. $55-$180.

4Powerocks Tarot

Super-slim business-card design makes this 1500 mAh Powerbank easy to slip into a tight jeans pocket. Good for one smartphone recharge. $34.99 at powerocksusa.com.

5Innergie Pocket Cell

Lipstick-sized, 3000 mAh power pack is at home in a crowded purse. Unique, three-in-one connector cable is useful for a variety of applications. $69.95 at radioshack.com.