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Glenn Beck brings his TheBlaze Radio Network to Philly

The conservative firebrand will bring local news, weather and traffic to his 24/7 internet programming.

Andy Kropa/Invision/AP

GLENN BECK is moving to Philly. Kind of.

In the wake of the news that Rush Limbaugh will be returning to 1210 WPHT, I've learned exclusively that Beck will give his Internet-only TheBlaze Radio Network a Philadelphia feel by adding local news and weather twice per hour and traffic four times per hour, provided by partnerships with local news and information services.

Philly is the first market for the localized expansion, but I hear Beck wants to move to more markets.

You'll be able to catch it on and iHeartRadio starting Nov. 4.

Beck will continue to broadcast on IQ 106.9 until that station's sale is finalized. After the sale, TheBlaze Radio Network will be his exclusive home in the Philadelphia market and he will no longer be on terrestrial radio.

To kick everything off, TheBlaze will take over the programming at the soon-to-turn Christian IQ 106.9 (where he has been stationed since being dropped from WPHT in 2010) for the week starting Monday. Host Doc Thompson will broadcast locally from O'Neals (611 S. 3rd St.) all week from 5 to 6 p.m.

* In other radio news, Old School 100.3's public affairs talk show "Philly Speaks," hosted previously by the dearly departed E. Steven Collins, will continue, now with state Sen. Vincent Hughes as host.

Extra, extra!

Want to be an extra in the Richard Gere-Dakota Fanning movie "Franny" shooting in Philly on Nov. 11? E-mail for more info. Be warned: It's an all-day, no-pay commitment.


Bruce Springsteen enjoyed Pearl Jam's concert at the Wells Fargo Center on Tuesday night. The Boss stayed incognito on the sidelines. Bruce and Eddie Vedder are buds. Vedder attended Bruce's Citizens Bank Park show last year.

* Before hosting a night at the Roxxy last weekend, Brody Jenner dined at the Capital Grille (1338 Chestnut St.) with Fox 29's Kacie McDonnell and friends.

Tommy in town

West Oak Lane's own Tommy Oliver will bring his Philly-shot semiautobiographical film "1982," about a young girl and her father dealing with a crack-addicted mother, starring Hill Harper of "CSI: NY" and legendary actress Ruby Dee, to the Philadelphia Film Festival on Saturday and Sunday (see for more info).

Oliver didn't just shoot on location in his hometown - he set the movie in the house where he grew up, even displacing his grandmother for a couple months. Oliver assured me she was cool with it (it helps that she was being played by Dee). But it was important for Oliver to shoot in his childhood home. "That's where everything took place, that's where the emotion came from," Oliver said.

Oliver was forced to deal with heavy issues from his past, but he didn't have time to lose it on set.

"By necessity, I had to have my director hat on. I didn't get the luxury of breaking down," Oliver said. "I did cry during one scene. It was the scene where Maya, the little girl who was inspired by me, was crying and asking why her [drug-addicted] mother didn't love her anymore."

Oliver told me there are a couple of companies interested in distributing "1982," both for the big screen and Video on Demand but nothing is set in stone yet.

'Shore' thing

South Philly filmmaker Ben Kalina's documentary, "Shored Up," will premiere on DirectTV tonight at 8 p.m. The documentary looks at the devastating effects global warming has on coastal shorelines, chronicling the damage done by Superstorm Sandy.

"Climate change isn't something that is going to happen decades from now and halfway around the world," Kalina said. "The first goal of the film is to chip away from the idea that this is something we can insulate ourselves from. I understand why people don't want to think about the scope of climate change, but we're talking about things that we're already starting to see and will dramatically become worse in the coming decades. The more we can accept that, the better off we can be."

Kalina will hold a viewing party for "Shored Up" at The Rigger Room, Cavanaugh's Headhouse Square (421 S. Second St.), tonight from 8 to 10 p.m.

Major snaps

West Philly's Detria Morris will sign copies of her new poetry book, Inside Journey, Words from Within, at the Urban Art Gallery (262 S. 52nd St.) on Saturday at noon and 2 p.m.

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