1. She always has kind words for indie store Siren Records, second home to young Alecia Moore (and the rest of Doylestown's misfit kids).

2. Great songs like "U + Ur Hand," "Don't Let Me Get Me," "The Truth About Love," "Get the Party Started," "Try," "Trouble," "Just Give Me a Reason," "Dear Mr. President," "Raise Your Glass," "F---in' Perfect," "True Love" and "So What."

3. She's a champion for girls (and boys) with low self-esteem.

4. She's remade her body into an athlete's without becoming a stick figure.

5. The video for "Stupid Girls."

6. In concert, she soars over the crowd like a Cirque du Soleil acrobat - and still sings!

7. She's tougher than Taylor, grittier than Gaga, cooler than Katy, braver (and brighter) than Britney and realer than Rihanna.

8. She channeled her teen anger into fame, fortune and happiness.

9. She was the best reason to see "Thanks for Sharing."

10. Her mom, Judy Moore, brought Rice Krispies treats to her daughter's March Wells Fargo Center show, handing out her home-baked goodies to backstage revelers.

11. She's from Philly.

12. She's fearless (see No. 9).

13. She continues to get better.

Can't make the show? Epix TV will premiere Pink's "Truth About Love Tour" concert tomorrow night at 8.