Their not-favorite things

Monumental Twitter hatred cascaded, abounded, yea, coruscated. Thousands "hate-tweeted" in real time as they watched The Sound of Music Live on NBC. They carpet-bombed all aspects, from the scenery to lead singer Carrie Underwood.

Anna Kendrick of Pitch Perfect was hilarious. "Maria is really the Brad Pitt of this relationship #SoooManyChildren," she tweeted, and "I'm glad Carrie wore her sensible pumps for the hike to Switzerland." Rob Lowe said one of the Nazis "looks like a young Al Gore." And Zach Braff tweeted that "The Nazis probably would have left them alone if they didn't yodel."

Kudos to Underwood - hey, no pressure here, acting one of the most sacred of all movie roles, live, on TV, going up against über-Maria Julie Andrews and every little girl's fantasy! Underwood did get Andrews' approval for the role, but one of the surviving Von Trapps said the family had wanted Anne Hathaway. (Oh, snap!) And, crucially, Kym Karath, who played Gretl Von Trapp in the film, called some of the show "painful to watch."

But a lot of people liked it! Cameron Diaz praised Underwood, and said she'd have been scared witless in the same spot. Her Twitter hashtag: #poopingmylederhosen.

But NBC will have the last laugh, yo. Because they rocked the house ratingswise! According to Nielsen, 18.5 million folks watched, for a hefty 4.6 rating in the 18-49 demo, in which they tied the king of that slot, Big Bang Theory. It was NBC's highest-rated non-sports Thursday show since the ER finale back in April 2009. We bet NBC will be planning more live shows soon.

'Wrecking' the records

OK, she went for it and got it. Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" video, in which she's, like, all nekkid and that, was the most-watched video on the Vevo viewing site for 2013, with 19 million watching in the first 24 hours. That nearly doubled the previous record of 10.7 mil, set by One Direction and their vid for "Best Song Ever."